Moving, and selling your home, can be an incredibly stressful process. You know the charm of your home, but you have to convince potential buyers of this beauty and charm you’ve experienced over the years of living in this home. Some homes sell faster than others, and sometimes it can seem random, but truly, there are a few key things that make it easier to sell some homes than others. If you’re looking to sell your home soon, here are a few tips to help you prepare your home to sell.




Clutter is obviously going to be a huge deterrent to potential home buyers. This doesn’t even have to be just physical clutter, like that pile of junk mail you really need to go through on your kitchen counter. But other things, such as a fridge cluttered with announcements and magnets, cabinets that have items stacked up high on the tops of them, and busy art on walls. You want to make sure that there are still things in your home, but having too many things cluttering up a space makes it hard for someone to come in and envision themselves living in that space. Spend a day or two decluttering things. Give away things you no longer need to your friends and family, put excess things into a storage unit, and take a few trips to your dumpster with unneeded clutter.


Make minor repairs


Most people don’t want to buy a house that they have to fix. Sure, they’ll probably repaint a bunch of walls and change out hardware, but most people want to not have to change very much when they move into a new place. So before you get your house up on the market, you should make any repairs necessary to get your house looking pristine. These small repairs can make the difference between selling your home or not. You don’t have to blow your budget fixing up your house, though. Touch up the paint where there are scuffs on the walls, tighten cabinetry doors, and patch holes in the walls. 


The staging of your home is important!


A lot of people completely miss the mark when it comes to staging their home. They leave everything exactly where it is for the living of their daily life. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but it’s not the best way to go about staging their home. You want to make sure that potential buyers walk into a room and can envision themselves living there. So this means that furniture should be placed in each room, but things that are super personal, such as your child’s crayon drawings on the fridge, should be taken down for showings. 


Get a good photographer


The first impression of your home is incredibly important, and usually that first impression is the photos that potential buyers see of your home online before booking an appointment to view your home. So, getting a good photographer to capture your home is an important aspect of getting your house ready for an open house. Try to keep your house relatively consistent between what it looked like when it was photographed, to what it looks like when people come by for showings. The consistency is helpful when potential buyers are making a decision. 


Make cookies


Yes, seriously. Make cookies. A lot of people scoff at this suggestion, but there’s something about walking into a house and having it smell like freshly baked cookies, and having said cookies to munch on, that makes you feel welcome and invited in a space. A little bit of bribery never hurt anybody. 


Get a good realtor


When you’re selling your house, your realtor is your biggest advocate. They don’t get paid unless your home sells. If you pick a good, seasoned realtor, you’ll be able to sell your home more easily than if you’re trying to do it yourself. You won’t have to try to decipher legal jargon or organize open houses. That will all be done for you, and you can focus on just making sure that your house is ready for each showing.

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