You have all seen pictures of my pantry. When we built our house we  designed the pantry space in an unheated corner of our basement. We then finished it by putting in shelves and an airtight door. The pantry never gets warmer than about 55 degrees in the heat of the summer and the rest of the year stays quite cold. I am really going to miss having such a wonderful pantry. However, since it is just now my husband and I, when we do sell our home and move we can plan to have a much smaller pantry!prudent living,

If money weren’t an issue of course we could just have the pantry packed up and moved as is! However, does it really make sense to move everything across country? Of course not! Instead we will take some steps to minimize what we will actually be moving.

Now we haven’t sold our house yet or even had one offer but we are eating from the pantry and trying to use up as much as we can. When the day comes that we have an offer and have an actual closing date we will be doing our best to avoid the grocery store and instead use up everything we can from the pantry and our kitchen cupboards. I imagine those meals might get rather interesting! We can budget grocery  costs into our moving budget so we can do some restocking once we move into our new home.pantry, prudent pantry, prudent livingI mentioned two weeks ago that I was focusing on de-cluttering. This applies to the party as well! I am sorting through all the home canned goods and canned goods and checking for expiration dates. If there are items we haven’t used in a while chances are we won’t be using them in the near future. I have a box for expired items and another box for items to donate to the local food shelf.Food Shelf donations

Some of the pantry items that I have for longer-term storage such as wheat berries will probably be given away. The cost of our move will be based on the weight plus the distance we are moving. Since we are planning to move from the east coast to the west coast it will be an expensive move and we need to eliminate as much weight as possible.wheat berries

Normally I would be preserving the harvest from our garden. This year will be a different year for me as there is no point in stocking jars of canned goods and then having to move them. Instead we will enjoy the fresh vegetables out of the garden, share some with our neighbors and hold a few yard sales to sell some of the many canning jars I have.canning jars

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With some planning and strategic eating we should be able to downsize our pantry, pack up what’s left and move across country where I will then start a new pantry!

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