Yesterday was a cold rainy day here. I had plans to get out and photograph what things look like around here but it was pretty wet. Instead I’m going to re-post one of my original posts from three years ago! I imagine most of you have not read it!

Our growing season in Vermont is a short one. The ground is really too cold to plant until the end of May and we’ve been known to have a frost as early as Labor Day weekend! My dream is to have a greenhouse to help extend the season. We have friends that have a beautiful greenhouse and they have the most wonderful peppers and tomatoes long before we ever see ripe vegetables in our garden. Until my dream comes true I find ways to extend the season in other ways. In the spring I use a cold frame to serve as a halfway house for my tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. When it’s time to move them out of the house but it’s still too cold to move them into the garden I use the cold frame. In the fall I usually use row covers.

plant isolation, seed saving

Using row covers.

I’ve planted lettuce in mid August and when the nights started getting colder I covered my lettuce crop with row covers.

row covers, lettuce, garden, prudent living

Row covers extend the season.

This helps extend our growing season often by several weeks or more. It’s nice to be able to harvest fresh lettuce when the rest of the garden is no longer producing!

garden, prudent living, lettuce,

Enjoying fresh lettuce in October!

This winter I plan to read Eliott Coleman’s book: Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables From Your Home Garden All Year Long. Maybe I too can become a four-season gardener here in Vermont.

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