HOW SUSTAINABLE ARE WE?Do you recycle? Buy local or grow your own food? Drive an electric vehicle? Have you made home energy improvements? Do you live off grid? Just how sustainable are we?

I grew up with a mom who was totally committed to recycling. In fact she started the first recycling program back in the early 70s! Every Saturday we would go to the town hall where folks would drop off their glass and aluminum. The glass would be sorted by color and crushed in barrels using sledgehammers. The profits from selling the glass and aluminum was donated to the local land trust and used to purchase land for the town. It was never an option to not recycle in our family.

My mother also had a vegetable garden and blueberry bushes. What fruit she didn’t grow we would go to the local orchard and pick. Not only did we eat extremely well but also the harvest was canned or frozen to enjoy later in the year.sustainable

We may not have lived off grid but we were a family that desired to be more sustainable.

My husband and I have always had a garden as well and we always had a full stocked pantry. I would can or freeze anything that wasn’t consumed immediately.pesto, freezing

My husband deigned our home to be south facing to take advantage of the passive solar. The floor plan was open so we could heat easily with a woodstove. The house was also equipped with both solar hot water and photovoltaic power. Out yearly electric bill was between $300-400 dollars! The solar hot water not only gave us an abundance of hot water but also helped cut down on the propane bill used to heat the hot water.goal setting 19

Now that we are living in another part of the country we are looking for a new home, one that is either already equipped with some of the features we let behind or one that we can implement these features ourselves.sustainable

We still recycle and as soon as we can we will have our own garden again. In the meantime I am helping my daughter with her vegetable garden. Nice to know that the lessons my mother taught me have been passed down to another generation.

Join us as we challenge ourselves to live a more self-reliant lifestyle for the entire month of January.

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