I’ve had people ask me this question before. Gardening has been such a part of my life that it’s hard to even imagine not gardening! Even as a kid I enjoyed playing in the dirt!

However I have to say that it was my mom that was the major influence in my life, not only with gardening but in many other areas as well.mom and I

For as long as I can remember my mother gardened. She always had a vegetable garden and numerous flower gardens. When our property became too shaded and she needed a larger garden she helped to create the Community Gardens in our hometown. During the summer months there was always fresh garden produce on the counter and the excess was being canned into tomato sauce or packed away into the freezer to enjoy during the cold winter months.tomatoes, sauce

I thought it was normal to have your own frozen vegetables in the freezer, no Birds Eye or Green Giant vegetables in our freezer!

After I was married and my husband and I were living in an apartment I decided I needed to figure out a way to have a garden. There was no space for a garden next to the apartment but luckily the local Audubon Center offered a space in their community garden. The land had been a former farm so the soil was beautiful. We had a wonderful garden for the three years we lived in Maine.Community Garden

Gardening continued to be a part of our lives no matter where we lived. We have now been in Vermont for almost twenty years and have been pulling rocks out of the soil every year! After all this time, the soil is finally just where I want it. And now it’s time for someone else to move in and take over!Vegetable Garden

Even with the house on the market my garden is planted and I will be harvesting my garlic any day! The Gete-okosomin squash plants are doing well and even if we had an offer on the house I should still have time to harvest the squash before having to leave!Gete-okosomin flower

I will miss my gardens that I have worked so hard to create but look forward to my next garden where ever that might be! I always think of my mom when I garden, even when she moved into a retirement community she had a little garden, she always wanted to grow her own tomatoes instead of relying on store bought. She was a true role model!retirement garden

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