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Hot Dogs & BeansWhen I look back on my childhood I have many fond memories of certain meals my mother cooked. She didn’t have a large repertoire of recipes and the meals were often tasty and simple. She led a busy life and I don’t remember her spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Many of her recipes I still make today such as Stir Fried Rice. One of my favorite meals growing up was a simple dish my mother would make which we just called hotdogs and beans. It made just enough for the family and we all seemed to enjoy it. This is one of those back to basic meals that comes together in no time and can be made with ingredients you probably have in your dogs and beans


I often made hotdogs and beans when our children were young and once in a while I still make it for my husband and I. Hotdogs and beans pairs perfectly with the brown bread I made earlier this dogs and beans


Hotdogs and Beans



hot dogs and beans

Do you have a favorite childhood recipe that you still make? Many of my childhood favorites are simple recipes made with ingredients you have on hand. In the next several months I will be sharing several more simple recipes from my childhood. I may not make hotdogs and beans often but its still a favorite!


hot dogs and beans



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