In our quest to eat healthier this summer I decided to try making homemade sushi. I wasn’t going to try using raw fish, instead I would make Nori Rolls with Veggies. We have made summer rolls before using rice wraps but I had never tried using seaweed as the wrap! They are my favorite and what I will often pick up when I am out and about. You can buy sheets of nori seaweed in your grocery store. The other ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard.

Homemade Sushi: Nori Rolls with Veggies

This recipe makes 2 servings but is easily doubled.


2 sheets of nori seaweed
1 cup cooked brown rice
½ medium avocado
½ medium carrot, cut into matchstick sized pieces
½ cucumber, cut into thin strips


Place the nori on a cutting board. Top with rice, covering half the nori lengthwise.

Top with avocado, carrot, and cucumber. Roll up from the bottom, being careful not to tear the nori. Wet the end of nori to seal; cut each roll into six slices and serve.

If you want you can sprinkle with nori gomasio which is a delicious mixture of toasted sesame seeds, salt and toasted nori seaweed.

Nori Gomasio


¼ cup sesame seeds
½ tsp. Himalayan salt
1 sheet of toasted nori seaweed


Heat the sesame seeds in a medium skillet over low heat, stirring frequently until they turn a gold brown and begin to pop. Remove from the heat. Cool for ten minutes. Place the toasted sesame seeds salt and nori in a small food processor, pulse until the seeds are cracked open, don’t grind to a smooth consistency. You want to keep some of the texture of the seeds. Store in an airtight container.

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