Do you send out cards in the mail? With the rising costs of purchasing cards less and less people are sending out cards. I am one of the few that still like to send people a birthday card or an anniversary card. I don’t like spending a lot of money for cards, and the postage is bad enough! My solution is homemade gift cards!Homemade Gift Cards


Making your own cards can be very easy. Do you like to take photographs? Print them out on your home computer and turn them into cards. You can buy some card stock and fold the paper over for a simple card and then glue a photo on to the front.


You can also make a homemade birthday card by buying some colorful paper and cutting the sheets in half and then gluing a photo on the front.homemade birthday cards


In the past I have made cards using scripture. I can print them out and then color them in. Another fun project.homemade birthday cards


Recently we saw a fun card using little stones. This card would be harder to send through the mail but if you are sending a small gift you could easily enclose the card. We recently made several of these homemade birthday cards using rocks. My husband is an artist so he drew the arms and legs. Such fun creating these homemade birthday cards, hopefully the recipients enjoyed receiving them as much as we did making them!


If you enjoy sending cards in the mail don’t give up due to the high price of greeting cards, instead be creative and make your own. I had an aunt that used to dry flowers and create the most beautiful cards. I would save them for years!  One of our daughter’s has created a signature mouse, which she uses to make the most adorable gift tags, usually for Christmas.homemade birthday cards Use your imagination and whether you are using photographs, dried flowers or rocks have fun creating your own homemade gift cards!

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