Welcome to the very first posting of my blog. What will I be discussing? What does Prudent Living on the Home Front mean? welcome, Facebook, Prudent Living

First let me define the word Prudent:

Prudent is an adjective which means:
1. Discreet or cautious in managing one’s activities; circumspect
2. Practical and careful in providing for the future
3. Exercising good judgment or common sense

Looking in a Thesaurus some similar words are:
prudent – careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment, careful – exercising caution or showing care,
provident – providing carefully for the future;
responsible – worthy of or requiring responsibility or trust; or held accountable,
wise – having or prompted by wisdom or discernment

I have always tried to live a prudent life even before I realized what the word meant! For me living prudently means to make good use of what I have and what I have been provided, not wasting things and trying to live as self sufficiently as we can.  I try to live in a practical manor and keep my pantry well stocked for whatever the future holds.Herb Garden

I have spent the majority of my life as a stay home mom so my focus will be the home front. It’s what I know best! Depending on the time of year I will be discussing my garden, preserving what I grow, stocking the pantry and other ways to save money. Hopefully along the way we will learn together what it takes to live prudently.self-reliant, self reliance


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