Thanksgiving is over and we’re heading into the busy month of December. Not only am I busy getting ready for the Christmas holiday but I’m also spending time thinking about my goals for the New Year. I’m so glad I wrote down my goals for 2018. I may not have accomplished them all 100%, but I made better progress than if I’d never written them down!Goal Setting

1. Find a new hosting site for my blog and make it secure.  Done! This was the first goal accomplished this year and I am so happy to have a secure website.

2. Monetize my blog. I have set up two affiliate accounts. You may be noticing links to my favorite items on Amazon. I’ve also teamed up with an amazing heirloom seed company, Mary’s Heirloom Seeds. As we head into the New Year I plan to focus more on this goal. How nice it would be to cover the costs of having a blog! I will also be setting up an Amazon Influencer Page, this is where I share all of my favorite items from cookbooks to cookware!  

3. Create a cookbook. This is definitely getting put on hold. This is the goal I will put at the top of next years list.goal setting, recipe box, recipes, prudent living

4. Be diligent about getting 10K steps in 5 out of 7 days a week. I’ve decided to change this goal to 3 out of 7 days a week! As I mentioned this goal has been a dismal failure. Currently we have made it our goal to get outside for a short walk whenever the sun is shining. Living in the Pacific Northwest is a new adventure for us and there is a lot to explore.goal setting

5. As we continue to prepare for our house sale, continue to de-clutter. DONE!!

6. Read 25 books this year! Done! This goal may be completed but I am still reading! Currently my husband and I are reading Craig Groeschel’s book Divine Direction. It’s all about the decisions we make that change your life. The perfect book to read as we near the end of the year.

7. Have a consistent meal plan each week and prepare ahead. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. We gathered with all our of grown children, their spouses and our three grandchildren. It’s been a long time since we were all together for Thanksgiving! Our meal plan this week is to eat healthier. When you’re not focused on meal plans it’s amazing how this goal can slip.healthy habits
8. Finish 4 knitting projects. Completed! Finished my two needle holders which I’l be giving as gifts. I think rather than try to squeeze another knitting project in this year I will look ahead to next year and plan my projects for 2019. Two of my favorite books are Quick and Easy Projects for the Weekend Quilter and One-Skein Wonders. I may just pick my projects from these books!goal setting

9. Clean out our freezer. Done! I miss having our larger freezers but I am not planning on stocking up while we live in this apartment. Shopping is done for the week ahead and that’s about it!

10. Take a few road trips and visit family and friends on the east coast that we will not see as often once we move to the west coast. Done! Having completed this goal we are now looking forward to a new year with new travel plans. I actually have a bit of family here on the west coast and it will be fun to catch up with everyone.


The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.

Walt Disney


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