Enjoying our time with family and friends on the east coast! Our weather has been absolutely beautiful. Gathering everyone for a family reunion doesn’t happen very often. It is so wonderful to catch up with everyone! Not a lot of progress for this goal setting week but I am getting exercise!

  1. Continue to monetize my blog. This is my ongoing goal. Have you taken the time to check out my page on Amazon? This page is where I put all the items I just love, from favorite cookbooks to gardening tools. Please check it out. I do thank all of your who have taken the time to check out my Amazon page and purchased from the various links in my bog posts. It is slowly paying off and it’s nice to have some money coming in to pay for the expenses of blogging.

2. Create a cookbook. Well just because I have my laptop with me doesn’t mean I’m getting work done! Sometimes it is more important to just enjoy life!

3. Have 20 minutes of exercise at least 5 times a week.  Exercising has not been a problem. Lots of walks with friends and swimming! Even did a ten miles bike ride which was so much fun! The scenery was stunning.

4. Explore ten 3 parks or hiking trails in the state of Washington or Oregon! No parks this week just enjoying the beach and the biking!

5. Incorporate 20 2 new recipes into our dinner plans with the focus on healthy eating. Trying to make wise choices while on vacation is a struggle. Did make my chicken stuffed with basil and mozzarella which was a big hit.

chicken stuffed with fresh basil

6. Read 35 9 new books this year. No new books finished this week, who has time to read while on vacation! I am currently reading another one of Elizabeth Berg’s books called The Pull of The Moon. Just on chapter one but I think I’m going to enjoy it!

7. Complete Four 1 knitting or sewing projects this year. Just one more project to complete this year. However knitting has been put on hold until the weather cools off.

8. Visit family on the west coast. Loving my time on the east coast visiting family and friends. Enjoying being able to swim everyday either in a lake or the ocean. The beach is my happy place! My husband is enjoying his time on the water as well, I think his happy place is being on a boat!

9. Explore Six 4 new museums in the area. We may have time to visit one or two museums while on vacation. My grandson wants to go to the Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven, CT. They have a full size dinosaur!

10. Find A New Home COMPLETED! Wonderful to have this goal completed! Our new house is finally feeling much more like our home. The majority of the unpacking is behind us and we just have some art work to hang on the walls. So nice to have this goal completed!

I love spending time with family and friends and I do look forward to getting home and starting a new goal setting week.

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. .
Earl Nightingale, Motivational Speaker

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2 comments on “Goal Setting Week 31 Update

Lisa L Lombardo on July 30, 2019 1:44 pm

Great progress on your goals, Nancy! Enjoy your trip!

Suchot on July 31, 2019 1:52 am

Even though I don’t usually do written goal setting myself, I love reading other people’s goals and updates. Exploring new museums sounds like a great one 🙂

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