We’ve had a busy last few weeks with a road trip and then several showings and now we have folks that want to come back and take a second look at our house! Exciting but it sure makes it hard when goal setting!goal setting spring 23

1. Find a new hosting site for my blog and make it secure. Done! This was the first goal accomplished this year and I am so happy to have a secure website.

2. Monetize my blog. This is in the works, I have set up two affiliate accounts. Soon you’ll be seeing links to my favorite items on amazon. I’ve also teamed up with an amazing heirloom seed company, Mary’s Heirloom Seeds. Plus a Mary’s Heirloom Seeds Giveaway! Click HERE to enter the giveaway!

3. Create a cookbook. This is definitely getting put on hold. Hopefully I’ll have more time this fall.

4. Be diligent about getting 10K steps in 5 out of 7 days a week. I’m beginning to realize that trying to get  my 10K steps in  five days a week is a real challenge. I’m pretty good at getting 3 or 4 days but have only made it for 5 days a couple of times. I miss walking on the beach with our friends in Virginia Beach! Since we’ve arrived back in Vermont it’s just been too hot to walk!goal making

5. As we continue to prepare for an eventual house sale, continue to de-clutter. Still working on this goal. Once we get an offer on our house we plan to have a moving sale until then it’s getting rid of a few items a week. Managed to weed pout 9 more items, including a bunch of ice packs we don’t ever use!  27 items to go.goal setting

6. Read 25 books this year! Finished another great book by Mark Batterson called The Circle Maker. There was a whole chapter on goal making which was so appropriate! Only 4 books left to read to complete this goal.

7. Have a consistent meal plan each week and prepare ahead. With all the interest in our house I am not planing on doing any prep work for meals. I am planning ahead but I’m also focusing on using up what we have on hand. Made a large pasta salad and used up a jar of pasta I had on hand and a bag of frozen peas from the freezer. Perfect cool meal for these hot days, I think we’ll be eating it all week.goal setting

8. Finish 4 knitting projects. Completed! Made two hats and two scarves. Since this goal is completed I am going to put the baby sweater I was working on aside. I have a hard time knitting when the weather is warm so I will finish this sweater but probably not until the fall!goal setting 18

9. Clean out our freezer. As I’ve said before our basement  freezer is nearly empty. Now to work on our upstairs freezer. A little more of a challenge as I have whole wheat flour and nuts to use up among other ingredients. As I said I did use up a bag of frozen peas in our pasta salad!goal setting

10. Take a few road trips and visit family and friends on the east coast that we will not see as often once we move to the west coast. Our long road trip to Virginia and North Carolina to visit friends and family is over. It was a lot of driving but so much fun. We have two shorter trips we are hoping to make in the near future. Next on the list is my aunt in upstate New York! She’s 90 so it’s time to pay her a visit.goal making


I may not be checking off a ton of goals each week but I feel like I’m making progress. The house is certainly feeling less cluttered  and I’m making progress on my other goals as well. One day at a time! Love this quote I found in The Circle Maker.


“Goal setting is good stewardship. Instead of letting things happen, goals help us make things happen.

Instead of living by default, goals help us live by design.”

Mark Batterson


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