As we get ready to celebrate Easter I am so thankful to be living on the same coast as all four of our grown children and our three grandchildren, what a blessing. I also realized that last week should have been update #15 so we’re back on track this week with update for week 16!

  1. Continue to monetize my blog. My ongoing goal. Have you taken the time to check out my page on Amazon? This page is where I put all the items I just love, from favorite cookbooks to gardening tools. Please check it out. Another aspect of this goal involves increasing my readership. If you enjoy reading my blog, please recommend it to your friends. I sure appreciate all my new subscribers!

2. Create a cookbook.  You may remember this goal was on my list last year and I finally put it aside. My goal for this year is to have my cookbook ready by November 2019. This is going to be a long process and I hope you don’t get tired of hearing about it. I promise you when the cookbook is finished it will be worth it! Working on putting all my recipes into a document, slow process but we’ll get there.

3. Have 20 minutes of exercise at least 5 times a week. Been getting a lot of rain lately so when the sun does shine we take advantage and head outside! This week we explored Wapato Park in Tacoma, nice walk around a small lake. Even saw two young bald eagles!

4. Explore ten 8 parks or hiking trails in the state of Washington we now call home! Explored Wapato Park (see above). I also recently purchase a lifetime National Park Pass, now that I am a “senior” it’s a great deal and good for the rest of my life! Look forward to exploring as many National Parks as we can!

5. Incorporate 20 10 new recipes into our dinner plans with the focus on healthy eating. I have been making some delicious salads lately also made a loaf of Shredded Wheat Bread, while it may not be the healthiest recipe it makes the best toast and is so delicious!

6. Read 35 20 new books this year. Finished my fifteenth book! Was in the mood for a suspense novel this week so I read The Woman in Cabin 10. A good page turner and finished it in two days!

7. Complete Four 1 knitting or sewing projects this year. Still working on my mittens! I keep forgetting to review how you make a cable! We’ve made several trips down and back to Portland and I bring my knitting only to remember I haven’t reviewed how to knit a cable! Determined to move on this week!

8. Visit family on the west coast. Another trip down and back to Portland!

9. Explore Six 5 new museums in the area. Beginning to wonder if the library really has this pass as it is never there!

10. Find a new home. We went down to Portland again for the inspection which went well. Just a few issues which we are working out. While we were there we took time to visit a local farm which offers a CSA. If I can’t have my own big garden I can support the local farmers!

Most “impossible”  goals can be met simply by breaking them down into bite size chunks, writing them down, believing them, and then going full speed ahead as if they were routine.”
Don Lancaster

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