It’s been a much quieter week with a little time to actually focus on goal setting updates! We were finally able to visit the Maritime Museum which was well worth the drive to the coast and visit both the museum and Astoria.

  1. Continue to monetize my blog. Thanks to all of you who have checked out my page on Amazon! If you haven’t yet just click on the link and pay my storefront a visit! I would so appreciate it! Even if no purchases are made Amazon like to see traffic to my storefront! I do appreciate all of your support!

2. Create a cookbook. This goal is not going to be completed this year. Despite all the work I have put into this project I am realizing I have a lot of work still to do. Guess it will be moved to my goals for 2020!

3. Have 20 minutes of exercise at least 5 times a week.  So nice to have this goal a part of my weekly routine. I’ve been faithful to go to my exercise class three times a week, I just love being able to walk there!

4. Explore ten 2 parks or hiking trails in the state of Washington or Oregon! No new hiking trails this week, with only two more parks or hiking trails to explore I’m really hoping to mark this goal completed before the end of the year. Goal setting updates keep me motivated, but I don’t always get the goals completed!

5. Incorporate 20 new recipes into our dinner plans with the focus on healthy eating. COMPLETED! finally made Carrot Fennel Soup this week. I got the recipe from our CSA it was delicious! I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

6. Read 35 new books this year. COMPLETED! A book I have been waiting for for months finally came in to the library! I have only heard good reviews of Where The Crawdads Sing and I have to say it was a wonderful book. I couldn’t put it down while at the same time I didn’t want the book to end!

7. Complete Four knitting or sewing projects this year. COMPLETED! Managed to get a little more work done on my latest project.

8. Visit family on the west coast. We have been so busy with the immediate family we haven’t had any time to visit any extended family!

9. Explore Six new museums in the area. COMPLETED! Visited the Columbia River Maritime Museum. It was well worth the drive to Astoria, to visit this museum. If you ever find yourself in Astoria, Oregon I would highly recommend taking the time to visit this wonderful museum.

10. Find A New Home COMPLETED! Wonderful to have this goal completed! Our new house is finally feeling much more like our home. We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with our family!

“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.”
Brian Tracy, Eat that Frog


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