Looking for gifts from the homestead for the gardener in your family? Make a veggie hod, it is perfect for gathering the harvest from the garden. The Veggie Hod is strong and you can even rinse your vegetables before bringing them into the house.

First of all you may be wondering what a “hod” is! According to dictionary.com com a hod is a portable trough for carrying mortar, bricks etc., fixed crosswise on top of a pole and carried on the shoulder. I found these directions on runnerduck.com and thought it would be a perfect solution for carrying in vegetables from the garden. My husband took one look at the directions and decided to make a few modifications. Now I have my own custom made Veggie Hod! 

You can even make your own veggie hod from scrap lumber you might have available on your homestead. We happened to have some extra cedar planks from building our home and they made the perfect veggie hod.

Gifts From The Homestead: Making a Veggie Hod

Shopping List:

1 x 6 inch cedar plank, three feet long
½ inch wire mesh, 16×16 inches
¾ inch dowel
Carpenter’s Glue
Staples and Stapler


To make the project go smoothly collect the materials you will need first. We had some leftover ¾ inch cedar siding that was perfect for the project.

Cut the ends of your plank so that you have two pieces measuring 5 ½” by 8”.

Veggie Hod
Cutting the ends.

Radius the two bottom corners using a 1 quart paint can as a guide. Using a band saw or jig-saw (shown) cut the corner radius.

Veggie Hod

Using what’s left of the cedar plank, cut the two side rails 1 by ¾ by 16 inches and 2 handles 1 ½ x 12″.

Veggie Hod

You should now have the following parts cut from the cedar plank: 
2 ends 5 ½ x 8″
2 side rails 1 x ¾ x 16″
2 handles 1 ½ x 12″
3/4 inch dowel 17 ½ inches long.

Cut a ¾ x 1 inch notch in each top corner of the end pieces for the side rails.

Veggie Hod

Cut the mesh 16 by 16 inches. Cut the wire very close to the cross wires to eliminate sharp, pointy wires. Bend one edge of the mesh 90 degrees, ½ inch in from the edge.

Veggie Hod

Staple that ½ inch edge to the bottom of one of the sides.

Veggie Hod.

Align the side in one of the end notches and wrap the mesh around to mark your bend point for the other side. When you have this mark bend the mesh 90 degrees and staple to the other sidepiece.

Fasten the side rails to the end pieces with 1 ½ inch screws.

Veggie Hod.

End pieces attached to side rails with wire mesh.

Drill ¾ holes at top end of the handles. Draw out half-round for cut to finish.

Veggie Hod

Attach the handles to the center of each end piece with two 1 ¼ inch screws.

Veggie Hod

Slide the dowel into the handles and mark any excess dowel length and trim off. Dab some wood glue into the handle holes and insert dowel. Tap a 1 inch brad through the handle into the dowel to secure.


The Veggie Hod, is perfect for gathering the harvest from the garden, I’ll even be able to give the vegetables a quick wash before coming into the house.

If you have a gardener in your family and are looking for perfect gifts from the homestead make a veggie hod!

Veggie Hod

Time To Complete

Once you have all the parts to make this Veggie Hod it should come together in a day or less.

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