Sometimes it seems that the unexpected is the only constant in life. While you can never be fully prepared for every unexpected occurrence in your life, there are many cases where it’s better and much easier to be safe than sorry. Below are a few different ways you can prepare for the unexpected and minimize the damage of fate.

Natural Disasters
Preparing for natural disasters is a fairly simple, straightforward task. First and foremost, having a supply of clean drinking water is absolutely essential. Second, you’ll want to make a few different plans attached to different potential hazards. For example, make a plan for what your family will do if there’s an earthquake in your area. Establish a family meeting spot in case you get separated. Next, you’ll need to assess what types of supplies you’ll need for each scenario, and what type of food storage is most feasible for you to keep on hand. If possible, gather the needed supplies and food storage and put them in a spot that is easy to access in an emergency. Lastly, it’s important to have an out-of-state contact who you can rely on to have on call should you require outside assistance.Filling Water Jug

Home fire safety is a fairly easy and feasible undertaking. The first step is to remove all fire hazards in the house. Most of these will be self apparent. It might be a good idea to consult the internet (or even a more reliable source such as your local fire station) to see which household items might be unknown fire hazards to you. Beyond that, having working smoke alarms and a well-rehearsed fire escape plan can save your life and the lives of your family members. You may also want to consider having important documents and treasured items in a safe place so that you can quickly grab them in an emergency. Upload favorite family photos to an online site so that you can reprint them should something happen to the originals.

While illness is a bit more difficult to be prepared for than fire or natural disasters, there are plenty of steps you can take to be prepared. In addition to having a wide variety of over-the-counter medicines and other therapeutic items on hand when the first signs of illness arise, it’s important to have a plan and make preparations for more serious illnesses. For example, do you have money in savings if you are unable to work? Do you have adequate health insurance? Prepare for the worst, but also be prepared for good news to manifest itself as well. The body is an unpredictable thing, so the best thing you can do is make preparations for multiple outcomes.

The best thing to do for injury preparation is to research the relevant judicial and medical red tape associated with it. As outlined by the experts here, it’s important to know, for instance, to seek medical care immediately after a work related injury. If the employer has no designated medical care provider you are free to choose your own doctor, and you’ll be more likely to be able to do so the sooner you seek treatment. In addition to work injury rules and regulations, it’s important to be aware of medical laws that can help you during a time when you need medical care. Consider having a lawyer on hand who will be able to ensure that you aren’t kept from the treatment you need.Incident injury report form

Job security is a rare thing in today’s professional world. Being prepared for unemployment is essential to almost everyone who wants to keep control of their destiny. The first thing to do is look out for the signs and symptoms of your company going under. This will vary from company to company, so you’ll have to gauge accordingly. If it’s hard to tell exactly how well your employer is faring, begin cutting personal costs and planning an effective budget so you have a lifestyle that is sustainable for a few months of unemployment. The best thing you can do to prepare for unemployment is to save money. Having a sturdy savings account can make all the difference in freeing you up to seek other employment opportunities during times of unemployment and take some of the stress off your family

Guest post by author: Andy Andersen

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Linked to some of my favorite link parties!

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4 comments on “Get Prepared For The Unexpected

Jusith on July 4, 2015 12:45 pm

Please inform people to only purchase prepackaged drinking water in SEALED bottles. Tap water will not keep for an extended time. It is chemically treated for immediate use. Once air touches it (while you are dispensing) any airborne bacteria has entered your container, and your water supply is contaminated. Then you’d have to boil your supply.

Nancy Wolff on July 4, 2015 2:16 pm

I think it would depend on wether or not you have city water or well water. Our well water is not treated with any chemicals!

Anna Pearl's Attic on July 9, 2015 4:05 pm

Congrats on being featured on the Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop! This is a very well written article. You should submit it to Mother Earth News or Backwoods Home.

Nancy Wolff on July 9, 2015 5:59 pm

Thanks Anna!

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