Why-gardening-is-good-for-youAs you know, here at Nancy On The Home Front, I love to share with you all kinds of tips, tricks, ideas and insight into how you can live a cleaner and healthier life. As a 30 year plus gardener, I have a lot of experience in not just how to tend to a garden, but also in knowing how good it is for your wellbeing. I have teamed up with the good people at What Shed to share with you these interesting facts about why gardening is so good for you.


As you look at the information, you will see right away that gardening is not just a fun hobby that is going to result in you having some of your own homegrown food to have fun with. It is going to get you up and moving, making you active is the first step to having a more healthy and productive life and the stats back this up as people who garden tend to have 27 percent lower chance of having a heart attack! It is not just physical benefits either. Gardening is also proven to be great for your mental wellbeing as well.


Gardening works as a wonderful way to release stress and make you happy and let’s face it we should all be doing more of what makes us happy. Also, those who regularly tend to their garden tend to stay sharper and give their brain more chance in fighting off the effects of aging!


So next time someone comes to your house and sees you covered in mud, walking with a handful of carrots and a big smile on your face. Let them know how important gardening is for you and how it makes you feel like a million bucks. Plus let’s not forget the fantastic satisfaction of making a dish with food you have grown with your own two hand.



3 comments on “Why Gardening is Good For You

Linda on October 26, 2017 11:44 am

I totally agree with gardening is a great stress reliever. The fresh air and sunshine are mood lifters for me. I think that’s why I dislike the cooler/dark days of winter. I don’t get outside as much. I’m almost ready to break down the doors to get outside in the early Spring and soak up the sunshine. My mood changes dramatically.


Nancy Wolff on October 26, 2017 2:04 pm

I am the same way! I usually start seeds inside in March just to get my hands in the dirt! 🙂

April J Harris on November 7, 2017 7:28 am

I totally agree, gardening is so good for you! I love the satisfaction that comes from growing something myself, harvesting it and being able to serve it at my table – or even just from planting pretty flowers that make my garden look good. Sharing this post on the Hearth and Soul Facebook page later today, Nancy.

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