There are certain items to purchase during the month of January. You may have read my post last week on Preparing For Christmas? Now?

Frugal Tip, prudent living

Preparing for Christmas?

Besides everything Christmas such as wrapping paper, holiday trimmings and ornaments, January is a good time to stock up on calendars, planners and date books. They are available and usually at rock bottom prices. Are you looking for a new TV? Televisions are priced lowest during the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl. I guess they figure that folks want to watch the Super Bowl on a new television!

frugal tips, prudent living

You can often find great deals on calendars in January.

January is also a good time to look for bargain prices on workout gear and fitness equipment to appeal to your New Year’s resolutions. Keep an eye out for bargain prices on gym memberships as well.

Do you have any home improvement projects in the near future? Check the prices on home improvement supplies, everything from carpeting to flooring can often be found at a good price during January.

English: The Home Depot in Knightdale, North C...

January can be a good time to tackle home improvement projects.

Here in Vermont we have many months of winter left but the stores are getting ready for spring. Selection may be limited but winter clothing, coats and sweaters are good items to purchase now at sale prices. Believe it or not cashmere can often be on sale as well.

Just as there are items that can be found at goods prices in January there are also items not to buy this month! Don’t buy mattresses, it’s better to wait until February when there are often sales over the President’s Day holiday weekend. You might think it would be a god time to purchase grills and patio furniture however these items were cleared out in the fall so it is better to wait until Memorial Day for those sales. Don’t plan to buy your winter sports equipment either be patient and wait until the end of the season.

English: Skis of feminine chinese jumping team...

Winter is not the time to buy skis!

I’m not advocating spending money you don’t have but if you are looking to make purchases be aware of what is on sale and what is a good deal this month!

Frugal tip, prudent living

Don’t spend money you don’t have!

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