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Over the course of this last year I seem to have accumulated an assortment of items that we don’t need. Between my mother downsizing into a smaller home and cleaning out my father’s house, I now have this assortment of things! They are too valuable to throw out so I decided to list some of them on eBay.

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Here are a few things I learned in the process.

Before you start make sure you know the rules for listing items on eBay. Check to make sure your item is allowed. There are certain items that are prohibited and restricted.

The first step is to take a few pictures of each item. Pictures that are sharp and bright will help you to sell your item. I set up an area with two lights and a white paper background to help me photograph each item. Before photographing make sure that the items are clean and dust free so they show up well in the photograph.


Set up an area to photograph your items.

When you list your item you want to give it a title that is clear, complete and descriptive. Say exactly what the item is, even if the title repeats the category name and includes details such as brand, product name, size or artist. Imagine that you are the buyer, what would you like to know about the item? Be sure to mention the most appealing characteristics.

Before you set your price do some research. Search completed eBay listings. Visit online stores that sell similar items to help you choose a price for your item. Decide whether or want to list the items at a fixed price or in an auction-style listing.

Decide how you will ship your item once sold. Consider using calculated shipping and decide which shipping service you’ll use. Pack your item for shipping so that you can weigh it and measure the length, width and height so you have this information when you list the item. When you use calculated shipping, you won’t have to guess the amount it will cost to ship the item.

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If you don’t already have an account on eBay you will have to create a seller account before you can list your item.

Once you’ve completed all the necessary steps and your item is listed make sure you check it to see if anyone’s bid on or purchased your item. You can do this by going to the Sell section of My eBay. Be sure to answer any questions you receive about your listings.

Once the item is sold ship the item to the buyer as soon as you receive payment. Leave the buy feedback as well. Your feedback about your buyer is important information for other sellers.

Hope you find these tips useful! Good luck with your online selling!

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