Time to make some vanilla extract! Making Vanilla Extract at home is so easy!  Once you’ve combined the vodka and vanilla beans you have to let it sit for 4-6 months before it is ready. If you make a batch now it will be ready to give as gifts at Christmas time. To start your batch you will need the following:

A large jar (a gallon or less, depending on how much extract you plan to make)
Vodka (the inexpensive stuff is fine)
Vanilla Beans (which I order through Olive Nation)

vanilla extract, vanilla beans

Vanilla Beans

Kitchen Shears

Begin by cutting though each bean lengthwise, leaving about an inch at the top of each bean so they stay together.

homemade vanilla extract

Cut vanilla bean.

Place all your beans into your jar.

Fill the jar with vodka.

homemade vanilla extract, frugal tip

Homemade Vanilla Extract in the works.

Put the lid on and store in a dark place for 4-6 months. Occasionally check the jar and give it a shake.

Once the time period has passes, strain out the vanilla beans using a coffee filter lined colander. Bottle the extract in dark amber bottles and you’re ready to give it as gifts and start cooking with it yourself!

For 1 gallon of vodka use 80 vanilla beans.
For ½ gallon of vodka (1.75l) use 40 beans.
For 1 quart of vodka use 20 vanilla beans.

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