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Do you have an abundance of peppers from your garden?  If not take advantage of the low prices right now and stock your freezer with frozen peppers.

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Peppers are abundant and inexpensive right now.

Peppers are quite easy to freeze. Select crisp, tender green, red, yellow or orange peppers.

freezing, vegetables

Red, Yellow & Orange Peppers

Wash; cut out stem and remove seeds.

peppers, produce

Washed, cored & halved peppers.

You can freeze peppers whole, as halves, strips or diced.

freezing produce

I dice my peppers to freeze them.

Do not blanch. Pack peppers into plastic freezer boxes or freezer bags or use your food sealer. Seal, label and freeze. The peppers may not be as crisp as they were when they were picked but they will be perfect to use in soups, stews or stir-fry’s.

prudent living

Peppers ready for the freezer.

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