Last week I talked about how making certain foods at home can save you money. Did you know you can also make all sorts of household cleaners and detergents that will also save you money!

Making my own window cleaner is something I have been doing for ages. In the last year I also started making my own household cleaner similar to “409”. It works so well and is so cheap to make.

household cleaners, homemade, prudent pantry

Ingredients for a simple window cleaner.

Making my own laundry detergent was also something I’d wanted to do for the longest time. When I started writing this blog I figured what better time to try this. Not only did I find it was very easy to make but I’ve been so pleased with the results.

homemade cleaners, prudent living

Homemade laundry detergent ingredients.

Once I had made laundry detergent I figured why not make my own liquid hand soap. For just the cost of a bar of soap you will have a gallon of liquid hand soap.

soap, handmade

Liquid hand soap ingredients.

I used a bar of peppermint soap and the resulting liquid hand soap has such a wonderful smell.

homemade cleaners

Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

The last thing I tried was making a toilet bowl cleaner.

homemade cleaners, prudent living

No Scrub Toilet Bowl Cleaner

No I’m not sharing a picture of a dirty toilet. But you can imagine the final result.

toilet cleaner, prudent living

Clean toilet, inside and out!

With very little time and expense you can make so many of your own cleaning products that will do the job well and be much healthier for you to use!

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