Before we left on our whirlwind trip of New England, my husband and I had the opportunity to make use of our library cultural pass and spend some time exploring the Oregon Garden. The Oregon Garden is an 80 acre botanical garden located in Silverton, Oregon. The garden features more than 20 specialty gardens showcasing the diversity of plants that grown in the Pacific Northwest.

There was so much to see that we immediately decided this was a place we would have to visit again.

The walking trails are smooth and easy to walk on.

I was particularly interested in their home demonstration garden. This is a series of small gardens designed to inspire gardeners with ideas they can take hoe. They are designed on a scale well suited for the smaller home gardens. Each small garden is designed and maintained by a different nursery or landscape firm.

I was also pleased to see that they had an area devoted to composting and featured several different methods to compost.

The Market Garden features agricultural products grown in the Willamette Valley. There were more than 147 Oregon crops represented, including berries, grapes, other fruits, and assorted vegetables. They even had a chicken coop complete with chickens tucked into the garden.

My favorite garden was the Bosque.; a Bosque is a Spanish word meaning grove. The Bosque is a large central plaza featuring four brick reflecting ponds and 40 plantar boxes. The beautiful foliage f the trees reflected in the surface of the ponds. It was such a refreshing spot on a hot day.

It was interesting to see how they incorporated recycling water from the Silverton wastewater treatment plant to use in the gardens. It was so interesting to see how a water recycling system works.

The Oregon Gardens is a wonderful place to visit, very well maintained and thought out. At the end of our time there we took a walk through the timber management area. Amazing that this 80 acres is just a short drive from the busy city of Portland, Oregon.

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