Setting goals for the year has been so rewarding. One of my goals was exploring the parks and preserves nearby. During the past year we’ve visited ten different parks and preserves. Exploring Fernhill Wetlands was our tenth park. I think we saved the best for last.

Fernhill is located in Forest Grove, Oregon and uses natural treatment systems, or wetlands, to improve water quality. It’s also the home to wildlife like birds, beavers, frogs and coyote.

The wetlands cover more than 700 acres in Forest Grove and are owned by Clean Water Services for water resources management. Fernhill Wetlands utilizes natural treatments systems to improve water quality by removing nutrients, cooling and naturalizing the water after conventional treatment. It is designated an important bird area. 

Exploring Fernhill Wetlands has become a weekly activity. It is close by and is a wonderful place to walk. The birds are incredible. The first time we visited there were thousands of Canada geese flying in to land on the lake. I had never seen so many geese circling around getting ready to land. Check out our YouTube video HERE.

There are numerous trails that circle the wetlands and on every body of water there are so many ducks.

We saw Great blue herons and smaller herons.

We also saw Bald Eagles.

It will be fun to spend time exploring Fernhill Wetlands during the various times of the year. It is a mecca for birdwatchers and almost everyone you meet has a pair of binoculars around their necks. The mudflats along the lakes play host to migratory shorebirds from mid-spring to fall, if we keep our eyes open we might even see sandpipers!

No pets are allowed, but the gravel paths make it easy to enjoy the wetlands. We look forward to visiting again!

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