I have written posts before about the Pantry Challenge. In anticipation of an eventual move I have challenged myself to use up whatever we can from our well-stocked pantry! We have a chest freezer in our garage. I often purchase a ¼ cow from a neighbor as well as meat birds and one turkey a year. Since we hope to be moving sooner than later my goal is to use up everything that is in the chest freezer and then sell the freezer.There's room in the freezer!

It will be strange because usually my focus is on stocking the freezer to get us through the upcoming year. This has helped us numerous times with unexpected company and during times when my husband has been unemployed.

The first thing I did was to empty the freezer and take an inventory of what we actually have on hand. Much to my surprise there is an abundance of frozen blueberries and strawberries. This will actually help us this year as my strawberry bed was quite old and last year I tore it up. The strawberries will not be replanted this year so at least we will have frozen berries to enjoy.Strawberries for the freezerThe last beef that we purchased was a little over a year ago and we’ve done pretty well at using the meat up. I have a few steaks and several pounds of ground beef. We will have no problem using it up this summer. I also have two whole chickens that were purchased in the fall. Our neighbors raise the most delicious meat birds and these will also be eaten in the near future.chicken, beer can chciken

I imagine that I should be able to empty the freezer by early summer, the perfect time to list it for sale so someone else can fill it for the upcoming winter.

Our pantry will be another story! I have jars of dried beans and wheat berries for long-term storage. I’m not quite sure what to do with those items. I do not think we will be able to consume everything before we move even if it takes a year to sell our home! I guess the topic of moving a well-stocked pantry will have to be another blog post!storage, pantries, home canningWe are using up the various canned goods such as salsa, tomato sauce and chicken and beef broth.Chicken broth for the pantry. I find it very interesting to switch my thinking from always having a well-stocked pantry to now using up what is in the pantry to prepare for a move! Have you ever made a big move? What did you do with your pantry items?

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