Trends are constantly coming and going, but one interior design trend that seems to be sticking around is the Farmhouse look. It’s simple, rustic, and gorgeous. Some people really relate to the farmhouse look, and fully embrace this trend. While this style is for some people, it isn’t necessarily for everyone. If you’re looking to implement the farmhouse trend into your home decor, but aren’t wanting to replace everything in your home with something made from reclaimed wood, these farmhouse accents will be for you.


Farmhouse in the dining area


The kitchen and dining area is probably the easiest room of your house to transform with a few easy farmhouse accents. A gorgeous barnhouse table would be the perfect accent for your kitchen. You can choose to go with a dark stain or with a lighter white wash for this table, depending on what fits better with your kitchen and personal style.


Rustic labels and signs are the perfect addition to any farmhouse kitchen. You can add rustic labels to all of your baking jars, or simply make a large sign with a sweet saying to hang on your kitchen wall.


Wooden shelves is the perfect wall storage solution for a farmhouse kitchen. For countertop storage, small metal crates and milk pitchers are gorgeously rustic.


The perfect workspace in any kitchen is a granite countertop. Granite countertops are elegant but pair perfectly with the rustic theme of your kitchen. They’re versatile and timeless, meaning that it’s an investment you’ll never regret.


Implementing farmhouse design on the exterior of your home


Depending on how committed you are to the farmhouse design, there are multiple accents you can add to the exterior of your home. One of the simplest, but most beautiful, statement accents you can make on the outside of your home is with your garage door. Updating your garage door gives an instant facelift to your home that you didn’t even know it needed. For the farmhouse look, consider swapping out the brushed steel door you currently have with a wooden carriage style door.


Color palette


The modern farmhouse is filled with gorgeous muted colors. If you’re finding yourself looking for decor inspiration, try keeping a specific palette in mind. It will help your home feel cohesive, rather than it being a hodge podge of different colors and themes. Creams, light greys, stoney blues, and sagey greens are the perfect colors for your modern farmhouse.


Living room decor


For a few quick accents, try things like wicker baskets, chalkboard signs, and delicate plants in concrete pots and planters. No matter what theme is inspiring you, make sure that you stay authentic to yourself and what appeals to you. The farmhouse theme may not entirely be for you, but there are elements and accents that would compliment your home. Try adding a little bit of burlap to your home, and see how you like it, before implementing more farmhouse inspired accents. Burlap covered throw pillows, burlap table runners, and burlap carefully wrapped around decorative mason jars are the perfect simple accents for someone who isn’t fully committed to the theme.


A beautiful way to improve the look of a room, is to add wooden trim around your windows. This will add both character and size to all of your windows, and it really elevates the entire room. A simple white trim is a gorgeous statement. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, play around with a few different natural wood stains, to see what looks best with the color palette in your home. You can also add a similar wooden trim on the wall along both your flooring and your ceiling. This added texture brings interest and beautiful elegance to any room. Adding trim is such a small and simple project, but it makes a large design impact. There are a million small things you can do to add natural-wood accents, from your switchplates to your lighting.


Keep things simple


The biggest key to a farmhouse inspired home, is to keep things simple and minimalist. You don’t need dozens of unique decor items to make your home look gorgeous. Keep your decor simple and rustic, and you’ll have all of your visitors gushing over your interior design skills.




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