We knew that leaving our home in Vermont and downsizing into a smaller space would take some adjustment. We’ve discovered that downsizing and living in a smaller space is actually not a bad thing!Living in a Smaller Space


All of our belongings certainly wouldn’t fit in a smaller space so the first thing we had to do was decide what we would live with for the next 4-6 months and the rest would go into storage. As we packed I labeled the boxes we wanted moved into our tiny apartment with red tape. That way they were easy to identify and the movers wouldn’t have any problem knowing what boxes went where. The boxes with the red tape were set aside in our garage and were the first to be loaded onto the truck. The plan was to deliver boxes to our storage units first.downsizing


To our surprise we couldn’t even fit everything we thought we would need into the apartment. There is no room for company or entertaining of any sort. If we are to do any sort of family gatherings they will have to be next door at my daughter’s house! We have room for a few visitors to stop by. Usually my grand daughter comes to visit at some point during the day. She considers that we live in “the other house”.downsizing


Living in smaller space takes much less effort. There is very little to keep clean and since the space is so small you tend to keep things picked up so there is not a lot of clutter.downsizing


I miss my large kitchen with lots of counter space. I’m slowly adjusting to a much smaller prep space when I cook.downsizing


Our kitchen table serves as our eating area as well as a computer desk. The large desktop computer sits out of the way most of the time but when I’m working on blog work or my husband is doing freelance the desk top slides out and the table becomes a work space. We have to take turns working on the desktop but we each have a laptop and we can sit on the couch and work.


After living in Vermont for over twenty years one of the biggest adjustments is not having any outside property! I have no yard or garden work that needs to be done. I have a small collection of houseplant that moved with me but that’s it. My daughter has four nice raised beds where she plants her vegetable garden. I’m sure I could go out and pull weeds for her if I wanted!downsizing


This is not our forever home. We plan to start looking for our own place after the New Year. Until then we will enjoy living in a smaller space knowing that it is only for a season.downsizing

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Conni on November 8, 2018 4:17 am

I can SO identify! Four years ago we moved from our ‘big house’ (where we had raised six children) to the 350 sq. foot studio on our property in order to allow a son and his family to use TBH while they looked for a home in the area. Nine months later they were successful and another son had sold his home and needed TBH for 3-5 years. At that point, since we had decided we LOVED ‘little house living’ (and my husband had doubled the space), we drastically downsized. We re-homed about 75% of our belongings. This Spring that family moved on and we made the move BACK into TBH. This time, though, we have been VERY intentional about minimal furnishings and use of rooms. I am THRILLED, after 46 years of marriage and a large family, to have empty closets, drawers, etc. I tell my friends who want to declutter that nothing does the trick like a move (no matter how far!) to get one to evaluate what STUFF is important!

Nancy Wolff on November 8, 2018 10:04 pm

I love hearing your story and I agree nothing helps with the decluttering than a move! I think it’s so good to reevaluate what we really need!

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