This hearty side dish is almost a meal in itself. Serve it with grilled chicken and a salad and you will have a meal fit for company. Couscous with Grilled Vegetables takes about 15 minutes to prepare and another 15 minutes to cook. You can cook the couscous while the vegetables are grilling. The final step is to combine the grilled vegetables and the couscous and your side dish is ready to serve.

Couscous with Grilled Vegetables


2 small zucchini, quartered lengthwise
½ medium eggplant, sliced widthwise ½ inch thick
1 medium sweet red pepper, quartered
1 small onion, sliced ½ inch thick
Pam cooking oil
¾ tsp. Salt, divided
½ tsp. Pepper, divided
2 cups chicken or vegetable broth
1-10oz package of couscous
½ cup chopped scallions
4 ½ tsp. Lemon juice
2 1/2 tsp. Dried thyme


Spray the vegetable with the cooking oil; sprinkle with ¼ tsp. Salt and 1/4tsp. pepper. Dip a paper towel in cooking oil and lightly coat the grill rack. Prepare for indirect heat using a drip pan.

Arrange the vegetables over the drip pan and grill, covered, over indirect medium heat for 8-10 minutes or until tender, turning occasionally. Remove from the grill and let stand until cool enough to handle.

While the vegetables are grilling cook the couscous. In a large saucepan, bring the broth to a boil. Stir in the couscous. Remove from the heat, cover and let stand for 5 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed.

When the vegetables are cool enough to handle cut into ½ inch pieces. Fluff the couscous with a fork. In a large bowl combine the couscous, grilled vegetables, scallions, lemon juice thyme and remaining salt and pepper. Toss the ingredients to combine and serve. Makes about 8 servings.

I love making this side dish when the fresh vegetables are available.

5 comments on “Couscous with Grilled Vegetables

Irene on August 29, 2019 2:13 pm

What a delicious sounding and looking recipe!

Nancy Wolff on August 29, 2019 3:50 pm

It’s a great way to use those fresh vegetables!

Linda on August 30, 2019 2:17 am

Thank you for posting on the Classy Flamingos. You’re the best.

Miz Helen on August 31, 2019 5:38 pm

Your Couscous with Grilled Vegetables looks delicious, we love roasted vegetables! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday,447 this week. Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend and come back to see us real soon!
Miz Helen

April J Harris on September 2, 2019 2:42 pm

Nancy, I could eat this as a main dish it looks so good! Seriously though, I’d love it as a side as well. Thank you for sharing your delicious Couscous with Grilled Vegetables at the Hearth and Soul Link Party! Hope you are having a lovely long weekend!

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