Being part of the Self Reliance Challenge has been a fun challenge. It’s gotten me to re-think about our goals and why we want to be as self-reliant as we can. Saving money is one of the main reasons and cooking from scratch not only helps us save money but I know exactly what we are eating. You will find very little processed food in our From Scratch


One of the items I cut out long ago was cereal. When the children were young I would often have a box of cereal in the cupboard for a quick breakfast. Then I started making my own granola. I purchase the oats in bulk and make up a fresh batch of granola every two or three weeks. My recipe is just as delicious as that expensive store-bought granola. Click on this link for my simple and delicious granola recipe. Not only have I been making it for years but my mother made it for years as well!cooking from scratch


My daughter once won a year’s supply of Eggo waffles. It was a wonderful prize, which the whole family enjoyed. However I usually make my own waffles and freeze the extras so we can enjoy our own freezer waffles. My recipe for Amazing Overnight Waffles can be mixed p the night before. It’s all ready to go when you wake up in the morning. I freeze the extras and I guarantee they are tastier that any store bought waffle!cooking from scratch


Have you made your own yogurt yet? I started making yogurt on a regular basis once I found out how easy it was. I usually make it plain but it’s easy enough to add fruit or vanilla to flavor it. No special equipment is needed from scratch


I’ve been making bread for years! When we had four children under the roof I made it every week. The kids would often consume one loaf as a snack after school! You can use a mixer or your hands to make this easy and no fail recipe. By making you bread at home you know exactly what it in it. I double the recipe so I make three loaves at a time. I still make three loaves at a time but two go into the freezer to enjoy from scratch


Where we live take out is not an option. As a result we have learned that cooking from scratch is better than any take out. My husband has developed the talent for making a pizza that is better than anything we can find from scratch


If you have the yearning for Chinese you can cook a stir-fry dinner in less than thirty minutes. Make your own stir-fry rice, you can use up leftovers from your fridge and it will taste better than anything you can buy. With a little practice you will find that cooking from scratch is easy, saves you money and you may find yourself tossing that takeout menu collection!cooking from scratch


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