You may remember that one of the first things we set up in our backyard of our new home was a home composter. Well it hasn’t been that long and already we are producing compost. Composting is easy!

Our few gardens need all the enrichment they can get. I think the house was built and the majority of the soil was scraped away. I can’t wait to add our beautiful black compost to the garden beds. I think the plants will be very happy.

Over the weeks we have been adding kitchen food scraps (no meat or cooked food), lawn clippings and the various weeds I pull from the garden. We’ve also been adding some of the extra mulch that was piled too high around our fence. If we don’t move the compost from the fence the wood is going to rot. As we added ingredients to the composter we would occasionally give it a spin to mix everything up. So much easier than doing it by hand the way we used to hand turn our compost piles in Vermont.

What To Do With Food Scraps?

By adding our food scraps and lawn clippings to our composter we are sending less to the landfill. As the nutrients are returned to the soil, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and many trace minerals are released back to the soil for better plant growth. 

In the fall we will add leaves to the compost bin as well. The benefit of using a tumbler is that the compost is produced much quicker than by the conventional bin system. We were told it would only take 3-6 weeks and they were right. The consistent rotating of the compost both aerates and heats contents to a fast finished compost.

If you haven’t tried composting yet now is the time to give it a try. Composting is easy and the benefits are numerous. 

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