Here we are a few weeks away from Thanksgiving and the Christmas Countdown continues. This week as we are decorating our homes for Thanksgiving focus on gift giving from your prepared list. Having just made a cross country move our gift giving list includes many friends and family members on the east coast. Mailing gifts at the last minute is not going to work; instead I want to have gifts in the mail so they arrive well before Christmas!Christmas Countdown


Luckily I have my list of people I want to purchase or make gifts for and I am ready! I have some shipping boxes set aside as well.


Another option is to purchase gifts online and have them shipped directly to the recipients. You may choose to pay a little extra to have the items wrapped. As my mother got older she still appreciated gifts but preferred that they either be “combustible or consumable”!  For the folks in your life that don’t want more stuff and gift of food is often a great idea.Christmas countdown


Last year my brother-in-law’s wife gave an excellent gift. She made up a spice package to pair with one of her excellent recipes. It was so well packaged and something that everyone would appreciate. I thought it was the best gift ever especially since we were in the midst of downsizing and certainly didn’t need any more items to pack up and move!Christmas countdown


When we lived in Vermont making a shopping trip took some planning. Even if you were planning to purchase your gifts locally you had to drive at least 20-30 minutes. Now we are living on the outskirts of a large city and everything is just minutes away! I haven’t found any quaint little shops that sell local merchandise but I’m sure they are here somewhere! I just have to keep looking.


Don’t let the Christmas countdown overwhelm you. Spend a little time this week getting some Christmas shopping started. You’ll be glad you did!

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