Congratulations! We’ve made it through Thanksgiving, the majority of your packages are in the mail and now we are in the final weeks before Christmas. The Christmas Countdown continues with just a little more than two weeks before December 25th. Now is the time to prepare some favorite meals and other baked goods for the hectic days ahead.Christmas Countdown


Have you begun to decorate your house? This year we have cut way back on our decorations. It’s not because we don’t want to decorate but living in a tiny apartment there is just no room for any decorations! We did put a garland up outside around our French doors but that’s about it. Instead we will enjoy our daughter’s decorations this year. Hopefully next Christmas we will be back in a new home and I can decorate once again.Christmas Countdown


Now is a wonderful time of year to involve your children in making memories. I remember one Christmas when the children were little we decorated white aprons with handprints to give to the grandparents.. Such a fun project and the different size handprints looked so nice on the white apron.Christmas Countdown


Another year we made candleholders from white birch tress. Very simple decoration but I love the simple white of the birch trees with red candles.Christmas Countdown


Decorate your deck with homemade greens. If you’re lucky perhaps you can gather evergreens on your own property. If not maybe there is a local tree farm where you could pick up some greens.The Night Before Christmas


Think head to your Christmas celebration meals, are there any dishes that can be made ahead and put in the freezer? I usually make my Sour Cream Coffee Cake ahead of time and freeze it until Christmas. It freezes wonderfully and I can defrost it Christmas Eve and reheat it Christmas morning. It’s such a great timesaver.recipe box, prudent living


I usually bake a few batches of homemade bread as well. That way there is always bread on hand for company or sandwiches.goal setting


Mix up a few meals now to have on hand during this busy time of year. You’ll be glad you did and you can save yourself the money you might have spent on quick take out meals. Enjoy this busy month of December; remember the reason for the season and don’t be overwhelmed by the Christmas Countdown!

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