Can you believe that Christmas Eve is only 12 weeks away? The Christmas countdown has begun! I’m a list maker and the first step I take to be prepared for Christmas is to make a list.Christmas Countdown


By making a list I can organize my thoughts. I make a list of gift recipients, all the people I plan to buy gifts for. I include everyone from family and friends to the woman who cuts my hair! I also decide how many Christmas cards I will be sending out this year. I know many people no longer send cards but we have so many friends that live in different parts of the country I live to send out cards. This year we will include the news of our move and our new address.


Make a list of the menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Will you be hosting this year or traveling to friends or family and celebrating with them? Even if you are not hosting make a list of foods you want to bring or contributions you can make. Many of your ideas can be make ahead and frozen. By being prepared the holiday season can be enjoyed and not stressful.countdown to Thanksgiving


When making a list of gifts you plan to give decide which gifts you will be making. I usually have many more ideas of gifts to make than I have time. Don’t make yourself crazy but often a simple homemade gift is much more appreciated than something store-bought. I also like to put together gift baskets for friends and neighbors.Christmas countdown


Christmas may seem like it is far away but by making a list now you will be better prepared to enjoy this busy season.Christmas countdown


What do you do to prepare for the Christmas countdown? Are you a list maker as well? Share your tips, I’m always looking for more ways to be prepared!


2 comments on “Christmas Countdown: Make a List

Margy on October 4, 2018 2:50 am

I used to love Christmas, but now it is hard since there’s only two of us and a friend. I’ve been thinking about the upcoming season and would like to do a few special things. – Margy

Nancy Wolff on October 4, 2018 5:53 am

I understand, Christmas changes as we get older. The last few years we did not spend it with any of our children. However there are other things you can do to enjoy the season and bees others!

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