No matter where we have lived we have always had friends or family that we would mail presents to. Once Thanksgiving was behind us I would use the following week to focus on completing package wrapping for the gifts that needed to be shipped. They may not all get mailed this week, but I try to have everything in the mail several weeks before Christmas.Christmas Countdown


I have a collection of flat rate boxes that I have picked up from the post office. If I am mailing anything fairly heavy I have found that flat rate boxes are the best way to go. If the contents are too large to fit in a flat rate box I then will mail the package FedEx ground. I have had good luck mailing packages using both of these methods.Christmas Countdown


Another task to focus on this week is to complete addressing and mailing of Christmas correspondences.  We have lived in different areas of the country over the years and enjoy keeping in touch with the friends we have made. If we are planning on sending out a Christmas letter this is the week to get it done.Christmas countdown


If we are planning on sending out a Christmas photo this is the week to finalize the photo and order the cards. Many of the companies like Shutterfly offer great deals if you order your card now and don’t wait for the last minute.Christmas Countdown


Focusing on a task each week has really helped me to stay organized and not be stressed by the Christmas countdown! Christmas comes whether we are ready of not. By doing a little each week you can stay on top of things and really be able to enjoy this special time of year.Christmas Countdown


Have you been following along with the Christmas Countdown? What steps have you taken to be ready?

4 comments on “Christmas Countdown: Mailing Week

ColleenB.~ Tx. on November 26, 2018 2:29 pm

Well, I got a couple of boxes ready last night that will be shipped to Germany to our grandson-in-law who is stationed over there and it takes 2 weeks so I will probably send my boxes out the 1st week of Dec.
My Christmas cards are all made, just have to address them, put a stamp on and they will be ready. I’m late this year in getting them sent as I normally put my cards in the mail the day before Thanksgiving or they go in the mail the day after but those all will get addressed today and put in the mail tomorrow. Too cold to do anything outside right now so good time for me to get my cards all addressed and ready to mail.

Got all my baking recipes lined up so will be making cookies and putting in the freezer and will have my candy recipes to make later. I do A lot of baking starting the 1st week of Dec., as I make up gift trays to hand out to the neighbors, fire and police departments as well as for family.
Last year I made up 15 trays so will probably make about the same this year and maybe a couple extra besides. I also do ‘gifts in a jar’ to put in food baskets as well. This is something that I have done for years and will continue until I can no9 longer do it.

Nancy Wolff on November 26, 2018 3:50 pm

You are well ahead of the game! I love what you do for your friends and neighbors and the police and fire departments. I’m a little out of sorts this year since we just moved and I don’t know my neighbors yet! I just love the idea of gift trays!

ColleenB.~ Tx. on November 26, 2018 5:09 pm

What a great way to know your neighbors is by taking them a small tray of baked goodies even if it’s just a plate of brownies or cookies, loaf of banana bread, muffins, small casserole put in a disposable dish so you don’t have to worry about not getting your dish back, etc.

Nancy Wolff on November 26, 2018 5:29 pm

Colleen, You have such wonderful ideas! Thank you!

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