Having a weekly reminder that the Christmas Countdown was underway has been a great help. As of today all of my boxes have been mailed, the Christmas cards sent out and I have just a few presents to pick up this week. This is the week to complete any last minute details.Christmas Countdown


Once the last minute details are complete you can then enjoy the holiday parties, concerts and other family activities. When we lived in Vermont our Christmas activities were pretty routine and the same from year to year. Living just outside the city of Tacoma there are so many Christmas activities we could take part in.


One of the popular activities is Zoolights. Zoolights takes place at the zoo and the grounds are transformed into a colorful winter wonderland with over 700,000 lights. They are very creative in their light display and even have a 100-foot giant octopus lite up in pink lights.Christmas Countdown


Every bush and tree is decorated with colorful lights. This was the perfect activity to attend with our daughter, son-in-law and our granddaughter. She absolutely loved all the lights. The lights are in place from November 23- January 6 from 5-9pm. They will be closed December 24 and the cost is $6-$12.Christmas Countdown


Zoolights is just one example of a fun activity you can enjoy during this Christmas Countdown. Another activity I am looking forward to is the Women’s Luncheon at our church. I was invited to attend and am looking forward to meeting new women and getting to know them better.Christmas Countdown


Whether you’re out looking at lights, attending school concerts or just enjoying the Christmas parties take time to relax this week. You’ve gotten the majority of the preparations completed and now is the time to enjoy the season.Christmas Countdown

One comment on “Christmas Countdown: Final Shopping and Wrapping Week

Lisa L on December 10, 2018 6:14 pm

Neat light show! Thanks for sharing!

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