Thinking of selling your home? Making a few improvements could help to raise the price of your home so that you make more money when selling up.

Some of the most common improvements for adding value to a home include building a conservatory or remodelling the kitchen. Whilst these can add a lot to your home’s value, they can cost a lot to implement and can require a lot of upheaval. Fortunately, there are a few ways to add value that are simpler and less costly. Here are just a few improvements to help add value that don’t require a lot of work and funding.

Convert, don’t extend

Building an extension can add value to your home – but it costs a lot of money and may require getting planning permission. Converting unused space in your home could add just as much value, whilst costing a lot less and not requiring planning permission.

Converting a loft into a bedroom is a good example of this. Loft conversions can add as much as 20% to a property’s value and may require only a small amount of labour such as adding electrics, laying down flooring and perhaps adding insulation. Not all lofts are so easy to work with and you may want to consult a professional architect first (low-ceilinged lofts may require you to raise the roof, which will push the price up).

An unused garage is another example of a space which could be converted instead of building an extension. Meanwhile, a cupboard under the stairs may be large enough to convert into a downstairs bathroom (which will also add value!).

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Repaint the walls

Is your home’s interior paint faded, stained or peeling? A fresh coat of paint can make a home feel brand new – and it can add value to your home.

Doing this job yourself could save you money. You should also make sure to stick to non-controversial colours. Neutral colours are the safest bet as most buyers will like them. Painting a room pink or black could make your home less sellable – and therefore potentially damage your home’s value.

Update worn fixtures

Rather than renovating your entire kitchen or bathroom, focus on replacing the fixtures that look visibly old and worn. If the countertop in your kitchen still looks fresh, you may as well keep it there. However, if the sink is starting to look mottled, it could be worth replacing this. These brand new fixtures could be enough to add value without having to refurbish the entire room.

You can save money on fixtures for your home by targeting the sales. Don’t dismiss second-hand fixtures – it’s sometimes possible to find a used counter-top or oven on sale that’s in perfect condition and a fraction of the price of something brand new.

Update old handles and locks

Updating the little details could also help to add value. Worn handles on doors and cupboards could bring down the value of your home – these are cheap and easy to replace. It could be enough to make a cupboard or door look brand new.

Old and worn locks are also worth replacing as they could serve as a security weakness, which may put off certain buyers and decrease your home’s value. This can usually be something you can install without having to replace an entire door or window.

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Add new light fixtures

Light fixtures are another small detail that could be enough to affect the appearance of your home and therefore the value. Consider replacing any dim or old light bulbs with new and brighter bulbs and also replacing any fittings (a single bulb fitting could be replaced with track lighting).

Installing new light fittings may require hiring an electrician – it’s worth shopping around for quotes to help lower the cost.

Clean your carpets

Stained carpets could be bringing down the value of your home. However, rather than replacing these carpets, you may be able to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to get rid of these stains. This could help to make your carpets look new again and could up the value of your home.

Clean your roof

A worn roof could also bring down the value of your home, however replacing a roof is often an expensive job. It’s worth checking whether there’s any actual wear and tear, or weather the roof is just discoloured from dirt and fungus. Getting your roof cleaning by a professional roof cleaning company could be a lot cheaper than a roof replacement, and it could still add as much value.

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Tidy your yard

An unkempt backyard is also likely to make your home worth less. Tidying up your yard before selling your home is recommended if you want to add value.

Keeping the lawn neatly trimmed and weed-free is one way to keep it looking tidy. If you haven’t got the time or patience to do this, you could use lawn care services to keep on top of it for you whilst trying to sell your home. Alternatively, you could switch to artificial turf.

Meanwhile, make sure to cut back any overgrown plants or hedges and to also get rid of any debris such as leaves or fallen branches. 

Build a shed

Having outdoor storage can also add value to your home. Building a shed can be a cheap and easy job. There are flat-pack sheds that you can build yourself or you can even order a pre-build shed.  

Fix up your fencing

Worn or broken fencing can bring down the appearance of your backyard and could also be damaging your home’s value. Fixing this could be a cheap and simple job – it could be a case of replacing a damaged panel or repainting your fence. Don’t feel the need to replace your entire fence unless it’s all in disrepair.  

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