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When we lived in Vermont I had purchased a sourdough starter from King Arthur. It performed well and I had it for several years. I made all sorts of delicious breads, biscuits and even a sour dough cake. Unfortunately when we put our house on the market I let my sourdough go and it eventually Read More…

Last week I shared a post on what to do with the leftover shredded wheat crumbs. Shortly before I shared that post a dear friend of mine gave me this recipe for shredded wheat bread. It reminded me of the English muffin bread recipe I have shared in the past. Like the English Muffin Bread Read More…

Recipes shared by good friends are the best. When you eventually get around to making the recipe you are reminded of the dear friend that shared the recipe to begin with! This recipe for Chicken Mozzarella Rollups is just such a recipe. We enjoyed a delicious meal with good friends and this was the recipe Read More…

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