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silk flowers

It may be snowing outside but I’ve got flowers inside! Usually in the winter you will find me forcing bulbs or transplanting my houseplants. Anything to get my hands back in the dirt! However as you know our house is on the market and I’ve cut way back on my houseplants and do not have Read More…

Spring is Coming

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that spring is coming. The temperatures outside are well below freezing and the ground is covered with snow and ice. Even the birds are puffed up at the feeders. Spring seems along way off. However the one clue that tells me that spring is coming is the number of seed Read More…

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year my faithful readers! It’s giveaway time! What better way to start the New Year than with a wonderful giveaway! It’s time to think SPRING and plan our gardens. Enter the giveaway to win seeds and everything you need to get your garden going this spring! We LOVE Giveaways!!!! As promised,  Mary’s Heirloom Read More…


As you know, here at Nancy On The Home Front, I love to share with you all kinds of tips, tricks, ideas and insight into how you can live a cleaner and healthier life. As a 30 year plus gardener, I have a lot of experience in not just how to tend to a garden, Read More…

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