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Why Garden? When I think of becoming more self- sufficient one of the first things I think of is having a vegetable garden. Having your own garden is an excellent component of a self-sufficient lifestyle. It’s also a wonderful activity to engage the family. Involve your children in planning your garden, and plant vegetables they Read More…

seed starting mixture

Do you have a vegetable garden each year? It’s a great way to enjoy fresh produce and save money. Another way to save yourself some money is to make your own DIY seed starting mix. The materials you use are easily purchased at your local garden center. These mixtures for making your own seed starting Read More…

Are Baby Carrots Really Soaked in Chlorine?   Recently I read an article that those baby carrots you buy in the store are soaked in chlorine. I wondered if it was true, are baby carrots really soaked in chlorine? Should we be eating them? The first source I checked was and this is what Read More…

5 Benefits of Growing Your Own Organic Garden   Taste   Organically grown fruits and vegetables taste better, and that means that the whole family will enjoy eating them more. Children love to help in the garden, and those who participate in producing organic foods are likely to enjoy a more varied and balanced diet. Read More…

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