Perhaps you have a few people in your life that love to be in the kitchen. Are you looking for a special gift for them this Christmas? Here are a few ideas for you. Thee are all kitchen tools that you will find in my kitchen and I have to say they are the best Christmas gifts for the kitchen.Best Kitchen Gifts


Silicon Muffin Liners


I have both regular size and mini silicon muffin liners. Not only can they be used over and over again but the muffins pop out so easily, no sticking! Plus I just love the bright colors!Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen


Cuisinart Mini-Prep


I have a full size Cuisinart but my mini-prep is often the one I use. It is powerful for such a small size. It has two speeds for chopping or grinding and works perfectly for those small jobs when you just don’t want to get out your larger Cuisinart.Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen


Electric Tea Kettle


My husband loves a cup of tea mid morning. The problem was he would come out of his office turn the kettle on and then go back into his office. Too many times the teakettle on the stove would come to a boil and boil away without my husband hearing it. The electric teakettle was the perfect solution. It’s heats the water quickly and then goes off. No danger of a hot teakettle on the kitchen stove boiling away until the water is gone!Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen




I have two favorite graters in my kitchen. The box grater was given to me as a shower gift when we got married and it’s still going strong. Four sides with four different options; you can slice and then the other three sides are for grating everything from course to fine. This is one of those standard pieces of kitchen equipment! The microplane zester is another favorite of mine. I realize I could use the box grater to zest lemons and limes but this stainless steel ester is just perfect when you want to zest a lemon, lime or orange.Favorite Kitchen Tools,Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen


Measured Scoops


I have three different sizes of these measured scoops, one fro muffins, one for cookies and one for mini-muffins. They look like an old-fashioned ice cream scoop. They are so handy for baking when you want a uniform size and they make such quick work of making cookies or muffins.Favorite Kitchen Tools, Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen


Measure Ladles


These measured ladles original came form Weight Watchers. They measure out ½ cup or 1 cup. When you are trying to gauge your portions they are just perfect.Favorite Kitchen Tools, Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen


Nut Grinder


This hand cranked nut grinder makes an easy job of chopping nuts. I love the measurement son the sides so you know just the amount of nuts you are grinding.Favorite Kitchen Tools, Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen


Wine Saver


Occasionally I enjoy a glass of wine. The problem is what to do with the wine we don’t drink. The solution is this Vacu Vin Wine Saver with 2 vacuum stoppers. You insert the wine stopper into the bottle and pump until you hear the “click” which signals an airtight seal. The wine stays fresh until the next time you want to enjoy a glass.Favorite Kitchen Tools, Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen


If you have someone who loves to cook and you need to purchase a gift for them I would highly recommend any one of these items. They  are the best Christmas gifts for the kitchen!


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2 comments on “Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen

candy on December 6, 2018 1:53 pm

I have been wanting some silicone cupcake liners for sometime now. Found you on Wednesday AIM Link Party

Dee | Grammy's Grid on December 6, 2018 6:28 pm

Thanks so much Nancy for partying with us at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty and Giveaway! We hope to see you at our next party on Dec-19-2018.

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