It has been a wet spring here in Vermont. It seemed like we had many more rainy days in May than sunny days. The benefit of so much rain is that the June flowers are bursting forth in bloom. June FlowersEven as you walk down the road the sides of the road have flowers everywhere you look. Nothing like the beauty of June flowers.June Flowers


My gardens are just beginning to fill out. With the house on the market we’re trying to stay on top of the weeds so that the house has a beautiful first impression as you drive in the driveway or walk around the outside. Do you see the Columbine peaking from behind the Hosta?June Flowers


The large pig pot which is usually full of herbs has recently been planted with flowers and annuals. It adds a nice bit of color as you approach the house.June Flowers


With the Lilac blooms come the Swallowtails. I have two varieties of Lilac, one is an early blooming Lilac while the other is late blooming. As a result we enjoy Lilac blooms from Memorial Day weekend well into June. When I see the Swallowtails on the lilac it is a definite sign of spring!June Flowers


Lupine are another sign of spring. They re-seed and come up everywhere. I have some regulars plants in the gardens around the house and then others come up that have re-seeded from elsewhere. These Lupines are coming up among the blueberries. Nice addition I think. I’ll let them stay. Lupines are one of my favorite spring flowers.June Flowers


I’ve have only planted half of my raised beds this year. I may do a planting of beans or lettuce. In the meantime I have baby lettuce coming up from lettuce that went to seed last year!June Flowers


Looks like it’s going to be a good year for Strawberries too!June Flowers


It won’t be long before the gardens are in full bloom, but in the meantime I’m enjoying the June flowers!June Flowers


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