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We all have our favorite uses for lemon juice and honey, but did you know it could be used to help with colds, coughs and sore throats? That’s right next time you feel a little under the weather try some of these remedies. Sip this warm elixir to reduce a fever. Combine 1 ½ teaspoons Read More…

Oatmeal Pancakes

My husband and I are working on eating healthy at every meal. For breakfast we eat a lot of oats, either in the form of my homemade granola or in hot oatmeal. I decided to change things up and make some oatmeal pancakes for variation. These pancakes are very hearty and make a perfect Saturday Read More…

 Welcome to The  HomeAcre  Hop! It just keeps snowing and snowing here in Vermont! Thinking the birds might appreciate a little treat for Valentine’s Day! I love all the season in Vermont, well except formed season! The frost on the windows has been beautiful. It’s also been great snow for snowshoeing! Please join us this week and share your Read More…

Some of you may know that my sister and I run a vacation rental home. The small house sits on property adjacent to ours.For the most part it’s worked out very well. We are located near several ski areas and we have a good flow of renters using the house during the winter to ski. Usually Read More…

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