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Like a well-stocked pantry for a cook, a good “medicine cabinet” will save a gardener time and money, especially when it comes to pest control. You may already have many of the necessary ingredients for safe and natural deterrence at home. Store them in a handy location, out of reach of both children and pets. Read More…

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I’m on the west coast this week spending time with my daughter and grandchildren. You may remember reading this post a year ago but I thought the advice was well worth repeating. Who doesn’t want to save more of their income! Did you know that according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, on average Americans Read More…

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Spring is a great time to take a look at your home. Keeping up with minor repairs and upkeep on your home’s exterior will prevent pricier professional jobs and delay those inevitable overhauls. Here’s a quick list of things that should be checked at least once a year to make sure they’re working properly. Before Read More…

 Welcome to The  HomeAcre  Hop! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend. It was our first Easter without any of our children home but we were blessed to enjoy a wonderful meal with good friends. Looking forward to having you  join us this week and share your homesteading, homemaking or homeschooling post! After you’ve Read More…

I always had a few raised beds in my vegetable garden but last year we decided to transition to all raised beds. What is a raised bed? It is a mound of lose, well-prepared soil, six to eight inches high that will make for easier gardening and healthier crops. The beds can be permanent, with Read More…

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