We could all use a little more vacation time. Many a boring day at the office is made a little more relaxing and enjoyable by daydreams of white sands, warm sun, and a tropical drink in your hand. Well, what if you could bring a little bit of that feeling into your home?


Some of 2018’s hottest decor trends lend themselves to some really great Caribbean themes. Here are some great ideas to bring some of that island flavor into your home:


Dark hardwood accents


One of the hallmarks of a tropical environ is the use of different woods from what we usually see inland. Forget the pine and oak. Here, you want to utilize bamboo caning, teak, and dark, rich mahogany tones. Balancing these elements could be a challenge, since just one of these elements can act as a major feature in your home, and there are so many possibilities for how to use it. It could be the framing for your couches and chairs, your flooring, or the exposed beams and building elements in the framework of the house. You might incorporate it into the cabinetry, or it could just be one beautiful coffee table. Another great idea is to incorporate these natural wood elements in shutters around the windows.


Tropical prints


Tropical prints are having a major moment right now. Wide-leafed greenery as a print gives us all the great feelings of indoor plants without all the maintenance. Put it to work as a wallpaper on an accent wall, on an area rug, or go bold with your couches, chairs, and throw pillows.


Now, remember that tropical prints don’t just have to be about greenery. Allow yourself to be inspired by authentic tropical patterns that you could actually find utilized on Caribbean islands. Look for bold, bright colors and large patterns that you might see on a headwrap or dress. Just make sure to balance out the dominant patterns with neutral tones elsewhere.


Natural textures


Natural textures are the perfect counterpoint to bold colors and whitewashed neutrals. Incorporate natural textures wherever you can in your home. From a natural fiber rug to a rattan side table, there are plenty of opportunities to bring it in. Look for hemp, rope, driftwood, seagrass, bamboo, and even rough canvas weaves in your fabrics. The beauty of natural fibers is that although the color lends itself to a neutral palette, the texture makes it anything but boring.


Ethereal accents


Although for the most part, you’re going to be enjoying earthy, natural tones and textures in a Caribbean-themed room, some dreamy accents are going to really bring in the fantasy of a vacation retreat. For example, what’s a resort bedroom without an airy mosquito net over the bed? Utilize some sheer white cloth around the windows, cool green and blue colors, and plenty of natural light. The delicate pink of shells, or the enchanting wink of seaglass can also bring it all home.


Go ahead and be eclectic


What’s so fun about the Caribbean is that its seaports created an international hub that’s hard to rival. Seafaring accents can be fun to add into your home, from an old steamer trunk to some antique navigational tools and maps. This is also the perfect place to display tchotchkes from all around the world — bird cages from China, statuettes from Africa, all mixed in with traditional baroque designs from  Europe… it’s the perfect excuse to be really eclectic.


Make a haven of relaxation


There are lots of things that you can do in your home to cultivate a more relaxing atmosphere (think greenery, or the sound of running water, healthy air flow, and a feeling of space, etc.) But more important is the way that you live, and the way that people inside that home treat each other. Make it a mantra of your home that you respect the principles of island living when you’re in your new Caribbean-themed rooms. Here are some ideas to get you started.


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