After unpacking from our cross-country move I have realized we have too mush “stuff” even have de-cluttering for the last few years. One thing I found too many of was mini-spatulas. I decided to take a hard look at the ones I really like and pass the rest along. First I needed to do a mini spatula review and find out which one I really liked!

Growing up I think my mother only ever had one spatula in the house. I had never even heard of mini spatulas. Several years ago I saw a set of mini spatulas for sale in a little store and thought how perfect. This is a mini spatula review.

The set I purchased has worked so well over the years. The mini spatulas are perfect for cleaning out small jars of condiments or jam. I would hate to be without them now.

As spatulas do, one of my mini spatulas started to get worn out and there were cuts along the edge and really needed to be replaced. Finding a replacement was not that easy. The set I had purchased originally has been redesigned and I’m not sure I like the new version. The handles on the original set were square while the handles on the newer version are round. I know it doesn’t make a lot of deference but the square handles were easy to set down and they would stay in place, no rolling around.

I was also disappointed because my favorite mini spatula is no longer made. The design was that of a typical spatula but a mini version. The spatula is slightly curved which makes it so easy to get every little bit out of a tiny jar. The brand I really like is Tovolo and they are found on Amazon. By far Tovolo is a superior product, even if they no longer make my favorite mini spatula.

Several years ago I was also given a mini spatula made by Dream Farm. The design is unique in that the handle has a bend in it, I guess to lean on a jar? It also has a tsp. measurement on the handle, which is perhaps how much the mini spatula holds? This brand is also well made and functions well but for some reason I don’t use it that often.

If you are looking for a mini spatula or have never had one in your kitchen I would strongly suggest the Tovolo product. They last for years and you will find many uses for these tiny spatulas. If you are interested in learning more about my other favorite kitchen items check out my Amazon Storefront.

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One comment on “A Mini Spatula Review: My Favorites

Margy on May 22, 2019 4:55 pm

When I saw your title I thought you were talking about the small metal version I have. It came to me from my mother’s things after she passed. I love using it for lots of things, especially when I use a small frying pan or to remove things like cut brownies. I have tried to find them in the store but maybe it’s an old style. – Margy

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