It seems like everything nowadays must be fun, innovative, creative and exciting.  When it comes to marketing, however, it seems like everything has already been done before and there are no new avenues to pursue, unless you spend thousands of dollars to send a private plane around town pulling a banner.  There are other ways to creatively get your brand to your audience that will make you seem innovative and original, that don’t cost a fortune.  Below are 8 unique ways to market your business that will enchant and delight customers.

Comic Strips
Everyone loves a little laugh, so create a comic strip that pokes fun of things pertaining to your industry.  You could use your comic to tell a story of a character who would do anything to have your product, or how your product helps a character in unexpected ways.  Make sure to gear the comic strip towards your target audience.  

Rent Human Billboards
We have all seen people standing on street corners holding signs for oncoming traffic.  Hire a teenager to stand at a nearby street corner during high traffic hours to twirl a sign for passer-bys.  Optionally, you can put them in a costume like a gorilla suit or your company’s mascot to attract even more attention.  If they do tricks with the sign, make sure that they hold it still long enough for people to read it.  Optionally, you could pay people to put your vehicle wrap on their car and drive around town.

Create Limited Edition Products
There is a powerful effect that occurs when people feel like time is running out that inspires people to take advantage of something.  Create a series of limited edition products that will sell for a few weeks or a season that will draw people to your brand.  Theme the product with things that are going on at the time: elections, seasons, sports, etc.

Buy Someone’s Dinner
Every once in awhile, buy someone else’s dinner and leave your business card.  You don’t have to give a creative sales pitch, and they will remember you.  Whether or not they become a new client, they will definitely tell their friends about your kind gesture, and maybe one of them will begin to use your product or business.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.At a restaurant

Custom Soda Label
For something refreshing and different, place your company logo on a soda label as suggested here.  You place in your customer’s hands something that advertises you, and that they will actually use.  If you give your clients beverages when they come into the office, make sure that they are met with your brand right there on the label of the can.   

Send Thank You Notes
Hand write personalized thank you notes to clients, or hire a calligrapher to write them for you.  You can send them an offer for 20% off their next purchase, or just simply say “Thank you”. The gesture of a thank you note will not only make the customer smile, but it will give them closure of the transaction, helping them to remember you in the future.  Not only will they be touched by your gratitude, the gesture will tell the customer that their sale mattered to you, and you would like the customer to come back.  You can do this for large transactions, but also for small purchases.

Host a Fundraiser
People are more willing to spend money if they know that their money is going to a good cause.  Host a fundraiser for a local charity, or donate a percentage of your profits if clients use a certain coupon code, or for all products bought during a certain time period.  If you are hosting a fundraiser, partner with other businesses around town to make it a larger, more exciting event.  Make sure that you feature a kid’s area so that families feel like they can attend.  

Feature your company in a music video
Partner with a local artist or band (or a famous one) to create an exciting music video featuring your company or product.  You could even write your own song if you’re feeling adventurous.  Make sure the music video tells an exciting story, or is flashy and exciting. Every time people hear that song, they will think of your business or product.This party's on fire

Guest post by: Darci Maxwell


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