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May in Vermont tends to be a wet month. Elsewhere the sun may be shining and the flowers are in full bloom while here in Vermont we are experiencing a cool wet spring. After last year’s drought we do need the rain. However after a long cold winter I’m really looking forward to getting outside once again and working in the garden. Our May gardens may not look like much but it is wonderful to see things greening up after the winter.May Gardens in Vermont


Since the house is on the market I’ve cut way back on my vegetable gardens. However I want the rest of my flowerbeds to look their best so I do have some work to do.May gardens


The first step in clean up for the gardens is to rake all the gravel out of the lawn. Our plow guy does the most excellent job but inevitably we end up with some gravel that needs to be raked out. My husband tackled that job this year and he did an excellent job. The grass is coming in nicely and the gravel is where it belongs, in the driveway!


This year it’s taking a while for the daffodils to come along. The forsythia was beautiful this yearMay gardens and it won’t be long before the lilac is in full bloom.May gardens


Our rhubarb is also doing well. It won’t be long before I’ll be making a delicious rhubarb cake! I’m going to have an abundance of rhubarb this year and not doing any canning I’ll have to give a lot of it away. We have way more than I can ever use!May Gardens


The strawberries are coming along. I’d forgotten that I created a new strawberry bed last year! I was surprised to see them filling the garden bed. I look forward to our own fresh strawberries, a yearly treat.May Gardens


I picked up some small plants at the local nursery to fill our planters. I have a small planter that sits in front of our chicken coop and two larger plants that sit by the back entrance to the house. We haven’t had many sunny warm days but I managed to get out between showers and get the pots planted.May Gardens


The raised beds will be planted before June first. I plan to plant a few vegetables and lots of flowers! I look forward to being able to fill the house with cut flowers over the summer.May gardens


How is your garden coming along? Do you have a lot of spring clean up where you live?

4 comments on “2017 May Gardens in Vermont

Margy on May 17, 2017 6:47 pm

How do you can your rhubarb? – Margy

Nancy Wolff on May 17, 2017 10:25 pm

I either freeze my rhubarb or can a delicious “rhubarque sauce” that we just love!

Ivory on May 18, 2017 2:13 am

Love the cleanup. Cannot wait until we get new mulch put into our flower garden. You flower bed is beautiful. Love yout firepit area to.

Nancy Wolff on May 18, 2017 10:07 am

I love this time of year in Vermont, each day is greener and everything is flowering, so pretty! Thanks for stoping by!

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