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What did you do this weekend? One of the things I got done was to organize our freezers. Winter is past and the growing season is upon us. Won’t be too many more weeks until we’re busy harvesting and freezing and canning that harvest! Every spring I take inventory of what’s in the freezer and try to use up as much as I can to make room for this seasons harvest.August harvest

I have a tendency to pack a lot into our freezer and for some reason I’m not so good at using up what’s in there. I’m constantly trying to be better at using those frozen strawberries and blueberries, which I keep thinking I need to save for some special occasion. Now that there are only two of us in the house we just don’t eat as much as we used to when all four children were at home.frugal, prudent living

My challenge is to make use of what’s in the freezer for meal planning and limit what I buy at the store. I already seem to be doing this as lately my husband and I have been eating healthy and the only thing I buy at the store are fresh fruits and vegetables. However, I am going to take inventory and use up those frozen vegetables and fruits and plan meals around the meat we have on hand in the freezer.

Strawberries for the freezer

Strawberries to be used up!

Step one – empty the freezer and take inventory.Freezer inventory

Step two – using the list of what’s in the freezer plan a week’s worth of meals.
Monday: Chicken and Vegetables with Pasta (these are actually leftovers from the fridge!)
Tuesday: Sesame Sweet Chicken (I’ll be sharing the recipe soon.)
Wednesday: Vietnames Pork Rolls (Using up leftover ground pork in the freezer)
Thursday: Salmon (company for dinner!)
Friday: Turkey-Zucchini Quinoa Meatloaf (using ground turkey from the freezer)
Saturday: Homemade pizza on the grill! (using frozen tomato sauce)
Sunday: Leftovers from the week. I just love having leftovers Sunday night.

End Result – A clean organized freezer with hopefully more room. We not only have garden produce that I will be adding to the freezer but we will be purchasing our farm raised meat birds for the freezer as well. This is our basement refrigerator with a full freezer. What’s in it? Lot’s of frozen beans from last year, homemade chicken broth and frozen corn from last year. Time to eat it up!Clean organized freezer

Anyone with me on this challenge? Do you routinely eat from your freezer or do you have a tendency to let things sit? Let’s make it our goal to have clean organized freezers this spring and help our food budgets at the same time!

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