Having sourdough starter on hand means I’m always looking for ways to use the discard. I have to say the favorite so far is the Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough Bread. However Sourdough Crumpets take a close second. I am still not quite sure of the difference between an English muffin and a crumpet. They are very Read More…

Goal setting is an ongoing process and I constantly remind myself to enjoy the process and not think I have to complete all my goals in one week! The process of unpacking and making this house our home has been much more time consuming than we realized it would be! We are now down to Read More…

When we lived in Vermont I had purchased a sourdough starter from King Arthur. It performed well and I had it for several years. I made all sorts of delicious breads, biscuits and even a sour dough cake. Unfortunately when we put our house on the market I let my sourdough go and it eventually Read More…

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