Are you a meal planner? If not, why don’t you meal plan? Too busy, don’t like leftovers. Don’t like to cook, don’t know what you want? Here are a few helpful sites for meal planning. One of my favorite sites is The meals are simple and easy to prepare and each week they put together Read More…

Moving, and selling your home, can be an incredibly stressful process. You know the charm of your home, but you have to convince potential buyers of this beauty and charm you’ve experienced over the years of living in this home. Some homes sell faster than others, and sometimes it can seem random, but truly, there Read More…

Blueberries are in abundance right now and nothing tastes better than fresh blueberries. I was looking for a dessert that was not fattening and I decided to make Blueberry Meringues. I’ve made meringues plenty of times and I’ve even made a meringue pie, but never blueberry meringues. Adding fresh fruit to meringue intensifies the flavor Read More…

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