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Once a summer my husband and I drive to Groton, Vermont to visit a dear friend of the family. He has a wonderful farmhouse there that sits up on a hillside. Sitting on his porch enjoying the view has got to one of the highlights of our summer. Even on a misty morning the view is impressive.Groton, Vermont


This year the weather was a little chilly for swimming but there is a perfect swimming pond to enjoy on a hot summer day.Northeast Kingdom


Groton is a small Vermont town with a population just over 1000, located in the southwest corner of Caledonia County. It’s about an hour and a half drive from where we live, or just into the Northeast Kingdom.Northeast Kingdom


There are five state parks located in the Groton State Forest: big Deer State Park, Boulder Beach State Park, Ricker Pond State Park, Seyon Lodge State Park and Stillwater State Park. The various parks offer hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, picnicking and in the winter snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.Groton, Vermont


While our visit was short we were able to explore the beach although it was too chilly to go swimming. We also took a nice hike in the Ricker Pond State Park.Groton, Vermont


It’s always nice to be able to visit an area close to home and enjoy a change of scenery. Groton is a beautiful part of Vermont. It’s the perfect place to relax for the weekend.Groton, Vermont


On the drive home we always make a detour and stop at King Arthur in Norwich, Vermont. It you are ever in the area King Arthur is a wonderful place to stop. Not only do they have a fantastic store but they have a wonderful restaurant where you can find all sorts of goodies, from delicious salads and sandwiches to tasty desserts. Well worth the stop!King Arthur


Visiting Groton, Vermont each summer has become a tradition and we will miss visiting when we no longer live in Vermont.Groton, Vermont



Exploring Vermont with our grandchildren was such fun. Recently we were blessed to have our two daughters and three grandchildren visit us for ten days. Having three children ages, 5, 3 and two months under our roof was exhausting, but I wouldn’t have traded the time for anything. It gave us the opportunity to do some exploring with our grandchildren and show them the things we love about Vermont. It was also peak foliage so it was the perfect time for them to visit.exploring Vermont, grandchildren


Our grandchildren live in the Pacific Northwest and they are not used to having backyards with no fences. Running around our large yard was a pure delight. The first outing was to climb Mt Tom in Woodstock, Vermont.exploring Vermont, grandchildren, Mt Tom My husband drew a scavenger hunt of items to look for. In addition to finding the maple leaves and salamanders we also found beautiful spider webs and exquisite fall foliage.exploring Vermont

I also introduced our older two grandchildren to picking and shelling dried beans.

exploring Vermont My granddaughter was lucky enough to find one last remaining carrot in the garden. I think it is so important to introduce children to gardening and where our food comes from.exploring Vermont

We also took a ride in the gondola to the top of Killington Mountain. The day was spectacular and you could see forever.

exploring Vermont

I think the highlight of the visit was picking out pumpkins at our local farmers market. I had knit pumpkin hats for everyone including my husband!

exploring Vermont It was wasn’t easy but we managed to get a great shot of them all wearing pumpkin hats while at the same time entertaining everyone with our photo shoot!exploring Vermont

One of the last full days we had we drove down the road to a neighbors farm. The farm itself is absolutely breathtaking but the grandchildren had more fun just running around.exploring Vermont

They also enjoyed feeding the sheep and the alpacas! Not a normal sight in the city of Portland!exploring Vermont

Our house is much quieter now; I miss the sweet scenes between the cousins.

exploring Vermont I also miss the lively conversations at the breakfast table.exploring VermontI am so thankful for this time we had with our daughter’s and our grandchildren. Exploring Vermont with our grandchildren was amazing. Such fun to see everything through their eyes. Our desire is to sell our home and relocate to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to our children. Eventually it will happen and we look forward to creating another home front on the west coast!

I have to apologize but for the next two weeks my thoughts are going to be elsewhere! We have our two daughters and three grandchildren arriving early tomorrow for a wonderful Vermont fall vacation! The days will be full! I will do my best to be sharing a post here and there but I foresee busy days and spending time with family is very important to me! Have a wonderful week! (Photo by Jessica Keating)cousins

Once a year we have the pleasure of visiting a dear friend who lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.Northeast Kingdom It’s always fun when you can visit a place that is in your own home state but is so different from where you live! It was not even an hour and a half from our house but it felt like we’d traveled to another time and place.Northeast Kingdom

This old house that was once a part of a large dairy farm sits on the top of a hill with rolling fields in every direction. It is so beautiful. The white farmhouse and the green hills is classic Vermont.Northeast Kingdom

While there we drove to the nearby town of Danville where there is a wonderful walking and bicycling trail that used to be the old railroad and is very well maintained. Danville, VTThe views along the path were just amazing.Danville, VT

After a three-mile walk we stopped for lunch at the Peacham Café.Peacham Cafe Lunch was delicious and made good use of local food. Even the flowers on the table were freshly picked.Peacham Cafe

After our lunch we stopped at a local farm stand, WillowBrook Farm.WillowBrook Farm The owners were picking flowers which they dry and sell. It was fun to see the variety of tomatoes they had for sale!WillowBrook Farm

By the time we got back to the farmhouse there was just enough time for a swim. Nothing like a spring fed pond to cool you off!Northeast Kingdom

It was a wonderful, relaxing two days away and always hard to leave this beautiful spot. Time to head home on our own private highway.Northeast KingdomWe are looking forward to the day our home finally sells and we can move west, but I will miss visiting this very special spot.  There is nothing like enjoying a change of scenery so close to home!

Remember when you were little and you couldn’t wait for summer to arrive. When school finally got out it seemed like there were endless days to enjoy the beautiful warm weather of summer. Why is it now as an adult that summer just seems to slip through your fingers?Incredible views

Being a gardener summer is full of things to do, getting the gardens ready, planting seeds, keeping ahead of the weeds, watering and then of course the harvest. As the weather warms up the spring flowers begin to flower – daffodils, forsythia, creeping phlox and then the iris. I try to take notice and enjoy the colorful blooms because soon they are gone, only to be replaced by different flowers such as the summer day lilies. One bloom after another and the summer hastens by.A beautiful bouquet to remember the day.

This summer seems to be flying by faster than usual. I don’t know why but it may be because we have several trips planned. We also have weekends blocked for company coming to visit. Our home is still on the market, but there hasn’t been much interest. My husband is looking for work and we’re praying for a buyer for our home.

The days are full of various projects, some related to the house sale and some projects that just need to be finished like the twin bed safe stripping project!Bed frames ready for finally sanding.

With each day that passes we move closer to the fall. I love the different seasons and enjoy them all. As summer flies by I am trying to enjoy each day, who knows this may be our last summer living in Vermont!There are flowers everywhere!

We all know the saying “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” Well, the last week of April brought a light dusting of snow for us, while this week it is raining. I don’t mind because the world is turning green before our eyes.Misty Mountains

Everywhere you look the fields are turning a bright green and the gardens are being tilled and readied for planting.spring fields

Our forsythia has been in full bloom and covered with bright yellow goldfinches! We may not have an abundance of flowers yet but the colorful birds are more than making up for it.Goldfinch and forsythia

My garlic is up and doing well. Looking forward to another good harvest in July. I do hope our house sells, but I would also love to harvest my garlic first. That’s not too much to ask for right?garlic

The rhubarb is also growing. I don’t care if we are moving and trying to empty the pantry… I will have to can a few jars of my wonderful rhubarbecue sauce. It is so good on grilled pork and chicken!Rhubarbeque Sauce

I love spring. Everything is bursting with new life and the colors are so vibrant! Hopefully you are enjoying a beautiful spring where you are too!creeping phlox

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