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Have you ever decided to do something that just may be a little crazy? We are about to embark on a cross-country trip! You may ask why. Well there are several reasons. First of all, my husband works remotely from his home office. With his laptop he can work anywhere so we decided to spend three months in the Pacific Northwest near all four of our children. We also have been taking care of our daughter’s dog, Riley, the Boston Terrier. Our daughter and her family relocated to Portland, OR a year ago and unfortunately they could not find a rental that allowed dogs. So Riley came to Camp Vermont and has had a perfectly wonderful year. She has lived with us before and is a wonderful dog.



Our daughter and her husband are now building a house and it should be just about finished by the end of the year and they would like their dog back! Unfortunately Boston Terriers do not travel well in the cargo hold of an airplane. So we will not only be driving cross-country but we will be driving with a dog! Luckily we have friends along the way that will allow us to spend the night with Riley.

After visiting several friends along the way our first stay will take place in Keystone, South Dakota where we will spend the month of October. For many, many years we have been a part of The Keystone Project ministry. For the first time ever we will be at the main headquarters during one of their international trainings. We will be helping out and participating as much as possible. Riley is also welcomed!New-KP-Logo-White-on-Blue-Tall1At the end of October we will once again get back in the car and continue our drive with the final destination being Portland, OR.

Portland, OR

Portland, OR

We will be just ten minutes from our oldest daughter and her family. I can’t wait to be close to our two grandchildren! It will be a different experience to live in a townhouse in the city of Portland! Quite the opposite of our quiet Vermont life! However this will give us time to really experience the Pacific Northwest during the fall and be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with all four of our children, our two son-in-laws and our two grandchildren!

Eventually we might relocate to the Pacific Northwest, but being a New England girl I thought it would be a good idea to spend a little time there before we just up and moved. After all we have lived for many years in Vermont and really love our life here.Looking forward to a relaxing weekend!I am very thankful for house sitters and our friends that make it possible to have this adventure. Our home is taken care of, the houseplants will be watered and someone will be shoveling the snow! I will continue to blog while we are away, so stay tuned for further adventures of “Nancy Not On The Home Front” as we make this cross-country drive! Quite possible the biggest adventure will be driving back to Vermont in early January!prudent livingFollow along on Facebook and Instagram as well as I will be posting photos there!

Just because school is out does not mean the learning has to stop for the summer. Whether it is with your family or with a group of fun friends, why not host a cultural night and experience a dinner from another part of the world? There are many cultures and countries to choose from so to help get you off on the right foot, here are some ideas for countries and the types of foods, traditions, and fun facts to incorporate into your dinner.


Start your world culinary traveling adventure by “visiting” the great nation of Russia. The largest meal in Russia is lunch and it is often served in courses, as follows:

  • First course: Hot soup with meat and potatoes.

  • Second course: Porridge or pasta.

  • Third course: A drink such as kompot (a non-alcoholic drink made by boiling fruit in water), tea, coffee, or juice with occasional cake or chocolates.

Rye bread is the common bread of choice to always have on the table. Be sure to include a nice loaf of it during your meal.

If you ever do find yourself dining in Russia, you be interested to know the Russian ruble has dropped, making the US dollar go 50% farther, as stated here. This means your money is going to get you a lot more food, souvenirs, and experiences than it did before.

Soup with pickles and barley. Rassolnik - Russian traditional dish

Soup with pickles and barley. Rassolnik – Russian traditional dish


Instead of going out for Indian food, try making some at home. As it is the oldest continuously prepared cuisine in known human history, you will simply be adding to that history. Food was often seen as an art, so Indian cuisine involves a lot of spices, nuts, and even raisins, adding an abundance of flavor. Make sure you include the following on your table:

  • naan (Indian flat bread)

  • jasmine rice

  • chicken tikka masala

  • chicken curry (lamp also used often)

  • tea (Did you know it was grown for hundreds of years in India before the British started using it?)

Should you find yourself in India enjoying the food firsthand, be sure to find time to see some White Tigers, as they are only found among Indian tigers.


The exotic country of Morocco finds itself with a mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and African influences, all reflected in the food. The rich use of spices and fresh ingredients will keep your family and friends wanting more. Here’s what you should include:

  • flat, round Moroccan bread

  • tajine (chicken with almonds, prunes and spices – saffron, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, ground red pepper)

  • couscous

  • sweet desserts made from almonds, honey, and other ingredients.

  • mint tea served with every meal.

  • mescouta (date cookies)

Moroccans eat their meals at low, round tables, sitting on cushions on the floor. If you want to recreate this you can simply use a coffee table with pillows. They eat with their hands, using the thumb and first two fingers of the right hand.

If you ever find yourself eating in Morocco, keep in mind it is considered impolite to decline meat or to eat with your left hand.

Fish tajine, traditional moroccan dish

Fish tajine, traditional moroccan dish


Famous for their food, France is a great country to select if you would like a rich, hearty meal. Include some (or all) of the following in your French cuisine night:

  • baguette (long, thin loaf of crusty bread)

  • soft cheese (brie) or hard cheese (gouda). France is well known for their cheeses, as over 300 kinds of cheese are made in France each year.

  • onion soup

  • quiche

  • chocolate mousse

A common stop if you find yourself in Europe, France is home to over 40,000 chateaux (castles, manors, palaces). You can even pack your own picnic lunch of delicious goodies to enjoy while touring a chateau.


A mix of many European influences, especially Spain and Italy, Argentina offers a unique set of foods. Famous for their beef and their asado (Argentine barbeque) and known for authentic Italian foods, you can’t go wrong with this menu for a dinner:

  • empanadas

  • pastas (anything Italian, especially gnocchis)

  • milanesa

  • dessert: dulce de leche and alfajores

Did you know the Tango began in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina? On a visit to one of the world’s southernmost countries, be sure to catch a show or even take some lessons of your own.empanadas


Finally, on your tour of world cuisine, you have to hit somewhere in Asia and Japan makes an excellent choice. Along with the traditional food, be sure to use chopsticks, though never stick it directly in the food or use them to pass food. As is tradition, sit at a low table with cushions, with your shoes and slippers removed. Avoid stepping on someone else’s cushion. Here’s the food you should include:

  • rice and noodles are staples (rice is present at every meal)

  • soy sauce is also a staple

  • Japanese pickles (tsukemono) should be at every meal

  • sushi and sashimi

  • seafood

  • green tea (national beverage)

  • chicken teriyaki

  • seasonal fruit for dessert

Slurping the food is a sign that the food is delicious and is a compliment to the chef. Be sure to encourage your guests to do so, as a reward for all your effort in cooking this delicious meal.

Eating world cuisines can be done right in your own home. Take some time to find out what other cultures are typically eating and mix up your own menu while also learning more about how others live around the world.

A guest post by author: Alyssa Craig

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Nancy On The Home Front

Seattle, Washington is one of our most favorite cities to visit.  Not only do I enjoy spending time with our children who have all relocated to the west coast, but the scenery in so beautiful, no matter where you are! Exploring Seattle and the surrounding areas is always fun!Seattle Glass

There wasn’t time to explore many parks or gardens but we did spend a beautiful day at Mount Rainer National Forest. I had to laugh as both my daughter and son-in-law told me it was pretty much a flat hike and no need for hiking boots! Perhaps it was a flat hike by west coast standards but I would not have classified it as a flat hike.Flat hike Regardless the sights were amazing. Everywhere you looked you were surrounded by beauty.Mt Rainier The day was gorgeous and we could even get glimpses of Mt. Rainier peeking behind the clouds.Mount Rainier I constantly felt like I was in the middle of a Sierra Club photo!Mt Rainier

I love exploring the sights around Seattle. Gig Harbor is one of my favorite spots. It is fun to see the creative ways folks move water!Gig Harbor

There is always time to explore Pike’s Market Place. Who can resist the bouquets of flowers for only $5.00?!Pike's Market We also enjoyed walking through the Sculpture Garden.Sculpture Garden Hard to believe you are right in the city!Sculpture Garden

Counting the days till our next trip to the Pacific North West!Washington colorsLinked To: WeeklyTopShot, CleverChicksBlogHop, WordlessWednesday, OutdoorWednesday


This week I am far from On The Home Front visiting our children that live on the west coast. I love visiting Seattle it is such a beautiful part of the country. This time of year they are ahead of us as far as spring goes.

Scotch Broom in bloom.

Scotch Broom in bloom.

Everywhere I look flowers are blooming and the grass is green. We took a day trip to Tulip Town to see all the tulips in bloom.

Tulip Town

Tulip Town

What an amazing sight. Brilliant colors everywhere.

Beautiful tulips everywhere.

Beautiful tulips everywhere.

The day was slightly overcast but the colors were so vibrant. It was fun to walk around envisioning what these tulips would look like in my garden!

Tulip Town

Tulip Town

It was the perfect day, walking around with our grown children enjoying the beauty.

Do you have tulips in your garden?

Do you have tulips in your garden?

Hopefully when I get back to Vermont every last bit of snow will be gone and our grass will be turning green! In the meantime I’m enjoying the sights of Washington!

I love spring!

I love spring!

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